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Mentor application - Breathemanually (Does no Harm)
Usual character name: Does no Harm
BYOND username: breathemanually
Discord username (if you are on our discord): HAL9000#3279

Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Goon servers you play: RP servers morty and sylvester

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):
The reason why I want to apply as a mentor is quite easily summed up: I always enjoyed people helping me out and enjoy helping out others in the same way I was helped.

Both IC and OOC, people were always incredibly kind and understanding if and when I had questions, to the point some would immediately drop whatever they were doing and show me the ropes. Examples of these kinds of help were when I first started out on ss13, working as a botanist, where a kind soul spent half the round teaching my new ass. Another when I became a borg on accident and suddenly had a mentor mice with me for most of the round allowing me to actually have fun with the role instead of burying myself hurryingly in the wiki for most of the playtime. Similar to this was medical, to which I initially had a great hesitance in playing. With so many people willing to help me understand both the nuances of medicine as well as things like surgery, I came to love the job. This likely wouldn’t have been the case if nobody was willing to help me understand, and I would like to be the kind of person that people might recall fondly in the same way I do others.

Because of these encounters I always strived to help others out in the same way, hoping they can enjoy the game as much as I do, and that they don’t hit their head too much on the skill-ceilings the game offers; to give them enough information to go along but not enough to ruin the joy of discovering new things themselves. examples of these encounters were simple things like character interaction, which I LOOC and try to get them to look at LOOC if they don’t seem to have read it, but also more in-game things like helping new MDs getting familiar with medicine and damage types, as well as being their surgery dummy and guide to get the edge off doing surgery for the first time, showing artsci mechanics to people who feared Dwaine terminals, encouraging people to experiment in chemistry even if I know what the result would be, showing how to buy and sell stuff as a quartermaster, helping botanist grow their produce (weed) and so on. I honestly can’t remember if and how often I helped out but I can only hope some people were helped in the same way I was helped; by guiding them through the process and allowing them to make their own decisions rather than ‘just’ explaining to them what to do and how to do it, which I believe makes it more enjoyable on their end as well.

As I am most often found in medbay, most of the times I helped out other players around the medbay-related jobs. if I see someone unsure what to do, be it in medical or some cases robotics and genetics (which I know just about enough about to get others started, but in no way am an expert) I try to get them engaged and try to get them comfortable with asking other questions, or walk them through the process if they want that. 
One specific example I can recall was with a player being completely new to medical, and asking to help them understand what the job entailed.  So I showed them the basics, damage-types, analyzer, medicine, cloning, etc. I tried to make it fun and interesting, letting them learn by doing it rather than doing it for them and calling it a day. Afterwards I was quite happy to see them thank me OOC for the encouragement and helping hand, which made me really appreciate the opportunity to do so. With all of that I tried to keep the information as surface-level as possible to allow them to experience the finer points and exploration of MD’ing for themselves and with that the enjoyment I hope it brings.

I believe with the mentor system I could help others more easily and allow them to enjoy and experience this game to the fullest as it has done for me. I can only hope people think I’d make a good fit. if not then that is fine too and I’d just help out others how I do currently.

Game experience:
I joined ss13 and Goonstation roughly 6/8 months ago (I think), and as far as I recall started and stayed in the RP servers. I tended to play mostly botany and science for a while until I found my true favorite, doctoring. Since then I’ve played and developed a good understanding of other jobs, and always tried to participate or play along with any potential RP people were up to, though I am a bit of a creative trainwreck when it comes to creating such stuff myself. As such I rarely play antag or RP heavy jobs.

The most experience I have would be on MD/MDir which tend to play as a default. Besides that I play(ed) jobs such as QM, scientist, botanist and rancher enough to think I have a solid understanding of them. Other jobs such as mechanic/mechcomp, geneticist, roboticist, mining, chef and AI I know enough to play and teach adequately but not enough to properly understand many of the intricacies. The ones I have the least experience in would be security, which I only played a few times but had a great teacher for and currently try to improve in, most of command, the RP-ey jobs such as mime, clown and bartending, and engineering, which is still magic to me but one day hope to understand as well.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):
Harm is a player that I've only ever had positive experiences with, even when random naming they're always incredibly nice and polite. They have very good knowledge when it comes to medical and I've seen them do a bunch of cool and fun thing with mechanic (like a guitar hero game). They are usually appear to be around at lowpop hours where there aren't as many mentors and they have a good attitude so I think they'll do well as a purple mouse!
Harm is very nice, and helpful. I've never had a negative interaction with them, personally. +1
harm is one of the best lizard med! they are always great to talk to and are always friendly, i have had lots of great times with harm, and one time when i wanted to learn med harm helped teach me alongside stars and was great at it so overall i feel with their big med brain and great personality they would make a great purple mouse!

DoesNoHarm is a consistently useful lizard doctor that i have never seen break RP or do harmful things willingly as a non-antag. They are always helpful and interesting and will gladly lend an ear if you want to strike up a conversation in RP.

Very chill person with a nice and patient temperament. Always available to talk and consistently good in whatever job they take. +1
I have interacted with Does no Harm a fair number of times, both with Harm as a Security Officer and as a Doctor, and those where enjoyable experiences. Does no Harm is competent, likes to help others and is genuinely fun. So at the end it's is a solid +1 from me.
Harm does a great job as a doctor and a security officer, and as an approved HoS, I can confidently give this fine lizard a +1 For their performance on the security team.
I don't know Breathemanually/Harm as a player that well and haven't really interacted with them much ingame, so I observed them a couple of times over the past week (and interacted with them a few times too hehe) and given the feedback here and what I saw, I think that they would do a wonderful job as mentor. Very patient regardless of who they're interacting with and what the situation is, and always happy to help out. I don't think I've seen any negativity from them either ingame or on discord etc at all. Have watched them talk patiently and kindly to clearly new/confused players on several occasions. Would love to see them become Purp. :)

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