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[MERGED PR] adds o2 and XL air mixcanisters to QM purchase list
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About the PR
Adds o2 and plasma canisters to QM purchase list

Why's this needed?
Feature request from the Discord server. Current values are up for debate.


(+)Additional large air mix and oxygen canisters can now be purchased through the Quartermaster console

the price compared to the effort of a CE just doing a little mining is absurdly different. I'm also not a fan of there being another source of getting unlimited plasma from an already pretty evil capable department, and I'm saying that as a cargo main. if canisters are an issue blame mining and laziness instead of crutching everything on cargo.
Yeah, I'm not too sure if the additional source of plasma canisters is a good idea, but I support having more sources of o2 cans.
Yeah, I decided that just being able to easily buy plasma is silly. I've replaced the plasma can slot with XL air canister. No point for this thread to exist then lol
I'm late to the party...

Peppermint can yay!
Everything else booo.

Engineering and Toxins should have sufficient O2 or they should be engaging with Mining or using those terrible tank refill stations. XL Air makes sense to give more crew the ability to help with re-pressurization efforts.
Being able to buy O2 canisters would be super useful(mostly for pipeburns) - some maps have more and some have less, but for example cog1 engineering only comes with 2 o2 canisters, and a good chunk of that generally gets used to fill emergency oxy tanks. It would be nice to be able to buy more oxy canisters to keep things like that going.
The cost doesn't feel like it really makes a lot of sense for me, though. An XL air canister, which holds 42000 units of air only costs 8000, but the o2 can costs 10000 despite holding 1/4 of the oxygen an xl air can holds.
Don't see a reason o2 cans really need to be that expensive - there's not some tremendous harm they could cause and it wouldn't be unbalanced for them to be cheaper.
I think a different solution to this is to just change up mining instead.

Currently mining brings everything to their Material Processor and then dumps it straight into their own fab. End round you have 1000 of every material and Robotics never sees a single piece of it for their borgs. Medbays fab has run out, because a staffie printed 50 scalpels on repeat.

Material Processor should just get dumped and everything should go instantly into the Rockbox. Rockbox should be completely tied to the stations fabricators.

Now you don't have to bother mining, mining can just do its job, and you can now easily buy materials from the fab to suit your purposes.

Now you have your o2 cans and plasma cans.

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