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blackape123 banned by flourish
I was banned by flourish the admin
Byond Key: blackape123
I was banned on 4/6/2021 at around 8:45 pm
Reason: Metagaming with Tarif, [SAY: police brutatlity] [SAY: i didnt do nuffin], also racist ckey. Read the rules and make an appeal on the forums once you understand why this is unacceptable.
Ban legnth: permaban
I was playing as a robotocist and I someone asked me if I could turn them into a monkey so i went over to the gene lab. I helped him out and I starting hanging around the gene lab. One of the geneticists got angry and started forcing me out even though I wasnt bothering him at all. Then someone started attacking me because many people starting flooding into the gene lab, and I accidiently hit someone else who called sec on me. I only hit him once or twice so I didn't think it was a problem. Then sec came over and instantly arrested me so I was frustrated because I really didnt do anything. I was joking around with the police brutality but the sec officer was beating me. I was not metagaming with Tarif, I have no idea who that is, he was in the gene lab with me when I got arrested and he followed us to the sec office and started pulling me out. I didnt even try to escape from the sec officer I was just standing around while he was fighting with the sec officer. I never even said anything to him, but if you check the logs we were talking in the chat normally earlier. 
I want to return to goonstation because it is genuinely the only server I play, and I consider myself a casual player and I like goonstation much better than any other server I tried. Also the people that play on goonstation are generally the most fun people to play with.
According to the admin I broke rule #3 which is metagaming, but I would like to refute that because I don't even know who this man is. I have never played with him ever, and he just happened to follow me, I am not in control of someone elses actions. I also broke rule #5 by having a "racist ckey" ,blackape123, which I can see why someone would think that is racist. I made my byond account years ago just because I liked the name, and I don't know how to change the ckey.
I did not try to get around the ban AT ALL. I got banned and stopped playing right away to make this ban appeal because I want to keep playing.
To change your ckey, you'll need to create a new account through the Byond website. Please do that and tell me what your new account name is, since your current one is unacceptable.

Additionally, please don't say stuff like "i didnt do nuffin" as it has racist origins and people often use it to mock black victims of police brutality. You can probably understand why in combination with "police brutatlity" and your ckey, you were banned.
Ok I can definitely understand why I got banned, and I will refrain from using any times of comments like that, it is against the rules.
My new username is KingKongKilla123
thanks again
Please choose a different ckey.
(04-07-2021, 01:56 PM)Flourish Wrote: Please choose a different ckey.

My new ckey is Jerryboy001
sorry bout that
Ban lifted, please stick to your new account and give the rules another read before you play.

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