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how would you describe ss13 to someone who's never played or heard of it before?
i'm trying to hook some friends into playing it by describing it as like a MMO version of dwarf fortress except you play as 1 dude and the whole thing is player driven

the subject line was too short for me to include 'succinctly', so, i mean how would you succinctly describe ss13 to somebody who's never heard of or played it
Have you ever wanted to fart in space? if they say no wait a few days and ask again.
I would say it is more MOBA than MMO. Your character can be persistent but there are no long term goals for the character other than achievement unlocks. I personally burned out on the grind of MMO's. You grind for the top level, then you grind the gear. An expansion releases and you start over again. With SS13 you are as good as you will be at the start of the round. It comes to game knowledge, creativity, and a desire to do something. Hell even on non RP servers it is still fun to play out your role/character. Be the hero doctor that saves everyone, the clown that makes Sec want to pull their hair out, or the janitor scrubbing brains off the floor. SS13 offers a short roles with instant immersion into the action.
Workplace simulator
You're a guy working on a space station.

You try to keep it running via your job.

And you work alongside other people.

And they're all fucking idiots.
An asymmetric retro-futuristic game of conspiracy where you and others run a space station.  Countless features and in depth systems result in interactions that often feels like emergent narrative.

Space Team + Among Us + 1000s of pet code/art projects…. but it predates all that...
I'm changing my answer.

Among Us, except the "Imposter" can knock someone out with a sleeping poison, steal their shoes, and leave them in a room filled with broken glass.
"Science is on fire."

30 seconds later.

"Science is gone and security is reduced to atoms."
a flaming 30-120(est.) minute OSHA violation where you're just as likely to lose your ass to a criminally insane wizard as you are to be trapped in a flaming hellpit where the AI believes it's trying to cook smore's on an open campfire.

also bread breaks the laws of physics for some reason?
Simplest solution: show them either this thread or a snippet of a video where things get particularly crazy.
Sealab 2021, sometimes in space.
WAIT! I'd like to change my answer as well.

Show them this.
Admittingly most of the SS13 reviews do a good job of explaining the game.
"Hey, you know Among Us? It's like that, but with more idiocy, farting, and clowns."

Edit: But it's significantly less toxic, more fun, and I'd say overall better. Well, at least Goon is.
think sea lab 2021 meets the office with 500% more meth

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