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Megalopeos Unban Appeal (Insanoblan (Hukhukhuk))
Who banned you?: Insanoblan / Hukhukhuk
Byond Key: Megalopeos / Freshmaniscoolman / Needicla
Date of Ban: Original one was in 2012 
Specified Reason for Ban: Just tryin to start a buncha shit and spamming OOC. Also might be that calculus guy I dunno, that doesn't matter. He's been shit enough on his own.
Ban Length: Permanent
What led to the ban: I honestly do not remember since it was such a long time ago.
Why am I appealing: It's been 7 years and I've matured quite a bit since my last time on here.
Which rule did you break?: I don't remember
Evasion Attempts: No evasion attempts but I have logged on to the server before with different accounts in between my year-long breaks from SS13 just to see if I got unbanned.
It's been long enough. Sure.
Thank you.

Just wondering, have I been unbanned yet? It still gives me the ban message.
Congratulations, you hit the autobanner so many times I broke the ban UI trying to lift this and Wire had to go into the database directly.

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