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Mentor Application - Ihaveteeth (Has Teeth/NeuNet)
Usual character name: Has Teeth/NeuNet-21
BYOND username: Ihaveteeth
Discord username: chemtrails#3333
Recommended by: N/A
Goon servers you play: Morty, Sylvester

I've been playing Goonstation pretty much at least every day since June/July of 2020. Back then, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, and I only vaguely understood the game for the better part of 2-3 months. I didn't even have antag on until around October. Looking back, I should have mentorhelped a lot more often than I should have, so most of the knowledge I got ingame came from either people telling me stuff IC, or what I've learned on the wiki and discord.

I absolutely don't know everything in the game and there's still a lot of things I don't know about it, but I'd like to say that I am good at what I do, that being genetics, cargo, botany, and AI, and I'd like to pass that on to any struggling new players, especially considering I could have used that sort of help when I was starting out. The character I tend to play isn't a very helpful sort, I usually LOOC if I need to help someone ingame, so next best thing would be for me to mentor OOC. I've already done a fair share of tutoring geneticists when I used to roll geneticist very often. Here's where I'd say my skills would lie:

Civilian: I started out playing civilian roles when I first joined, sticking to botanist and janitor for the first month or two, and mostly sticking to myself. As it stands, I am currently the #1 botanist on the leaderboard so you might be able to say I know a thing or two about weed botany. In all seriousness, botany is probably one of my strongest suits, and I'd love to help out people with it. It's a very underutilized role considering how powerful it is!

Medical: After civilian, I played a month or two of medical on my now-dead character Alnair Smoothscale, sticking mostly to medical doctor and geneticist, but also dabbling in Medical Director. Genetics is by far my main role, and I would love to help out more people with it considering how often I see geneticists struggle with it, considering it is advertised as a role for new players, but until you learn the controls, it is quite difficult!

Engineering: I have not played ANY engineering aside from a few rounds of mechanic and mostly cargo. Cargo is, for the most part, straightforward, and I have never gone a round of cargo where I never made money. It's honestly surprising how many people play QM and don't know how to use the fabs, instead relying on mining or botany to bring them stuff, so I'd say I'm at least proficient in cargo. As for engine stuff, that stuff is WAY above me for now.

Security: I'll admit, I have not played security at all aside from a few gimmicks as Vice Officer. The closest I'd say to this is that I help out security if need be when I play as AI, but besides that, the character I play would NOT be a security officer in-character. It's too unlike them to do it, so for now I have not touched it, so I probably would not be much help for security!

AI/Borg: I only started playing AI maybe, a few months ago, and purely by accident. However, it left such a remarkably positive impression on me that for a good few weeks, I was only rolling AI. By now, I probably have as much experience in AI as I would in say, botany or genetics and it's by far my favorite role to play. I would ABSOLUTELY love to mentor new AIs and borgs. They're very fun roles to play and deserve much more love.

I'm glad that I found out about this game and got to contribute to such a great community and server. I've tried other branches and while some of them are fun, honestly none come close to how closely knit this community is, and how fun it is. I'd like to pass on what I know to anyone who is knew so that they aren't as lost as I was for nearly 3 months and perhaps they can end up sharing my appreciation for the game and this community.

Previous bans : N/A
EDIT: i said june/july is when i started but actually its mid-september, which came as a shock to me because i coulda sworn it was long, oh well. my sense of time is fucked.
omg its the #1 weed roller!

I may be biased as a friend of you but even despite that, you have great knowledge in a lot of good fields and you're very friendly on Discord, people know Has Teeth and that you're a good guy. Even despite Has Teeth being a grouchy loser, IC I've still seen you be really nice to new players such as new QMs that have no idea what to do. Never seen you do anything rulebreaky such as meta- or powergamey stuff, so I feel pretty confident in giving you a +1.
Chemtrails is knowledgeable in a range of areas especially when it comes to QM, botany, and AI. My experiences with them personally have been pleasant but recently there was an incident with who I believe was a newer player coming into genetics, I can't remember the exact words directed at them because my memory is awful but it left me with a bad taste in my mouth, I'm not sure if it was Teeth's character being portrayed in a poor way or if Chem was having a bad day but I felt real bad for the player. I really hope it was just a one-off thing because I think Chem would do great teaching the newer players especially when teaching AI as Neunet is one of my favourite to see.
Teeth is one the main people who showed me a lot of how to do genetics, the first role I ever did out side of staff assistant and I don't think I don't think I would have learned how to play SS13 as quickly as I did with out them
so the gene and botany nerd finally decides to apply for mentor.

they got a good deal of technical knowledge and they're a good teacher, but teeth stinks too much.

Being a mentor isn't just about knowing your stuff, but also being approachable and friendly (in fact being knowledgeable takes a backseat to this). There have been a few times now that I've personally witnessed, both ingame and in the community, where you've chosen to carry grudges and act very rudely to others. That's not the kind of behaviour I like to see coming from someone looking to become a mentor. Going to be a no from me for now.
Can't say I'd recommend you for mentor at this time. 

There's not a singular direct thing, I think your tone towards others IC and OOC lacks some grace and understanding and can be abrasive, from discussions about what is/isn't fair AI play to force on others in an RP round to saying things like hating new geneticist hires from the HoP to some other stuff. You make fun of new geneticists a lot in OOC for monkey problems, unstabilized genes, the works, which I would like to see changed since this is an area you list as a point of expertise and learning the game isn't easy. Obvious things to you can be subtle to others so patience is a must.

Haven't been terribly impressed with how you choose to play antag geneticist picking on Sec almost always with Hulk and SMES; and AI, also. I selectively do not play borg under you and avoid interacting with you when you are an AI. I try to be nice and say "hi" each round you're AI, but not much beyond that. I cannot also be on your AI core to LOOC when things aren't good, made especially difficult by the fact you roundstart bolt your upload/core area so no one can directly interact with you; I don't play a lot of borg anymore since I really didn't want to deal with being treated cruelly or seeing others treated cruelly with no real notion of when it's going beyond the screen, so I just don't bother.

I cannot recall any severely bad experiences with Has Teeth in the past!

      A few weeks ago on Donut 3 I was helping a secoff that was brand new at the game and the role learn their way around!  We got some reports that Has Teeth was robbing the HoP with a knife, so I set on over with the new secoff and asked Has Teeth if I could use them as a guinea pig for the new secoff to practice an arrest with.  They agreed and we went through the whole process, the newbie cuffed them and brought them to the brig etc.  This took a lot longer then expected as we where telling them the whole process and some game controls.  I'd say this maybe took around 15 minutes tops which is a very long time to spend processing and in the brig.  What I'm getting at here is I feel Has Teeth is more then willing to calmly teach anyone in almost any scenario, even when it's indirect and they might be on the boring side of things.  I feel like this shows some true dedication to teaching new players!  IIRC, they where also a changeling on this round, and they where willing to take some time out of their antag round to help teach someone, which I personally think shows even more dedication! 

    Definately a  +1  from me!
I've had positive experiences with Teeth, they taught me some Genetics when I started playing and I think they'd do well to answer Medical based questions as a mentor.
my personal experiences with teeth are great, i remember lots of fun rounds i have had with teeth and they are also great as ai and friendly, teeth has lots of big brain knowledge with ai and gene and botany, im sure they could use a lot of that to help new people, there was also a time when a player was having a bad shift and after the shift teeth messaged them to make sure they were ok, so im sure teeth generally cares about peoples experiences and well being with them and i feel this is a good quality to have when being a mentor,

so based on my personal experiences with teeth and whats ive seen i think they would be a good mentor +1

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