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Myth Mcmullen/Reaper Mentor application 2.
Usual character name: Myth Mcmullen(Used to play Xavier)
BYOND usernamebig grinrewmajor11
Discord username (if you are on our discord): ReaperofNight#3116 my actual nick is just Reaper(Myth Mcmullen)
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A I believe? If anyones recommended me I can guarantee I don't remember it.
Goon servers you play:
Main, rarely RP now.
Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):
My last application was written like a practical essay and I'm fairly sure that made me come off as a condescending asshole so I'm going to try to avoid that. I've played since around July now, I've spent a while learning different mechanics and I think I've gotten decent at a fair amount of parts of the game. I've made a good bit of mistakes and I know that, sometimes I can be a bit of an ass and sometimes I fuck things up but I still try to keep peoples rounds fun and teach people when I get a chance.(I'm writing this in notepad so I really hope the format does not come out horribly) Currently my most played roles are probably staffie and scientist, most of what I do is just walking around and talking to people, I've taught a fair bit of people different things and I think I know enough to be helpful. I can say that I have made mistakes and I try my best to not and keep the round and experience fun for people. I like walking around and talking to people, teaching some more obscure mechanics and generally just existing, I believe I know a fair bit of info about this game at this point, what I know the most about is probably science, security, QM and a few other depts that I play a fair bit. Frankly I play too much and its probably slowly hurting my sanity, I know a fair bit about some more obscure and harder to learn mechanics such as chemicompiler and DWAINE as well(Yes for some reason I put the time into learning these). I try to be friendly and outgoing which I sometimes fail at and come off as an asshole as my brain barely functions and social interaction is hard. I think a lot of the issues I had in the past were from playing RP and getting bored from how long I've been playing then doing something stupid. I've since mainly moved to main and only play RP every so often when I feel like I can RP correctly and not ruin other peoples rounds. I know I'm probably not needed as a mentor but I do feel like I could help to some degree and that I hopefully have corrected a fair amount of the behavior and issues I have had. I probably failed at not making this like an essay again but I tried, I don't type like this on purpose it just happens lol.
Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): 
I've had an OOC IC ban when I was new to the game and didn't understand what I was doing.
I got banned for a day or two about a week after I started playing for throwing clf3 at someone in a bad decision.
I got RP banned for a bit over an black powder bomb I made that did more damage than intended.
(If its not obvious I shouldn't be trusted near chems and this is why I no longer touch explosives on RP unless its something I know will only be a 1x1 or something)

I wrote and posted this 5 minutes before I'm getting off my pc so I may of made some typos by mistake or other mistakes.
This is a bit of an awkward one for me and is rather difficult to write, so forgive me if it comes off somewhat haphazard.

Drew knows A LOT about this game. Like, a lot. It honestly amazes me sometimes how much he knows about this game and how much he's learned despite us playing for a similar length of time, and I don't know nearly as much. When it comes to sheer game knowledge alone, Drew definitely has what it takes to drop some heavy knowledge and be a great asset to folks who are new at the game as I doubt there is a question he wont be able to answer for them, unless it is something that is purposefully kept secret due to its destructive potential.

My main interactions with Drew have all been on Sylvester (when it used to be HiPop) as HiPop RP is where I exclusively play and before he started playing on Main mostly. Sadly, I cannot say that all of these experiences have been positive, and this is entirely down to the climate that is present on the RP server. RP tends to be a lot more low energy. Antagonists are expected to escalate their antag gimmicks accordingly and not just go straight to bombing the station or causing as much chaos as possible, so there is a lot of breathing room for Sec and the crew to do their thing. While there has been improvement in the RP department, I still don't think Drew fully understands and meshes well with the overall RP climate. He'll tend to default into what I like to call, "Main Mindset" upon caught by Sec and act aggressively, trying to escape at any given opportunity without giving a chance for Sec's RP to come to its head, and this just leads to RP getting shutdown and it causes a lot of frustration within the Sec team both IC and OOC. I understand why he'll act like this, and this is because he'll believe that his capture will lead to his borging and thus ruin his round, which he himself has stated multiple times is a common occurrence. That's not to say he doesn't try to RP, because he definitely does try and RP out his interactions... after maybe one or two escape attempts, or Deathchem foam mix.

Regarding Deathchems, this is what leads me into something that confuses me a bit about Drew. He is really damn knowledgeable about Sci, but he is still very haphazard when it comes to Chem's and explosives, which he himself has stated he got RP banned for. Commonly, his use of Deathchems on RP results in more damage than he intends, which he will immediately say in-character that he wasn't expecting it to do that much damage and will be immediately apologetic. While being apologetic is definitely good, I'd expect Deathchems to at least be tested multiple times beforehand so they can understand the grasp of the damage and whether or not this is something that would be appropriate for the RP climate. Again, this calls back to Drew overall not understanding or meshing well with the overall RP climate.

Regardless, it seems Drew himself realised this and has moved to play Main much more where the climate is a lot more naturally expecting of this kind of thing, and since I have not had many interactions with him. And that sucks, because I despite what I've written so far, I do still like Drew and wish he'd play on RP more. He's great to have around in Sec and plays a fun character that I like to have an IC rivalry with. I just wish he'd tone things back a notch and take the time to understand and mesh better with the RP climate. With his transition to Main however, I can't really myself confirm if this has already come to pass, so perhaps a Main player could chime in better than I ever could.

As for the app itself, it feels very self deprecating. Its good to be open about your mistakes, but here you're trying to show the best of yourself and trying to convince us why you would fit as a mentor. If I didn't know you, I would have -1'd this App based on reading it alone. Sorry. Luckily, I do know who you are and I know what you're capable of. Your game knowledge is definitely really high, but rather haphazard. You have acknowledged some of your failings when it comes to RP, but I have yet to see improvement in that area due to not having any chance to play with you in some time, due to your own decision to play main more.

This is where we get to the complicated part... I don't want to +1 you due to what I've already written about, but I don't want to -1 you either. I guess I'll settle and give you one of these...

Yeah thats fair I don't play RP really anymore because I know I make those mistakes. When I play RP now I just stick to smaller gimmicks and stay away from explosives. Chems can be unpredictable even when I know a bit about them.

(Uh I don't honestly remember if its a bit weird to respond saying that or not I haven't had an app up in a while)
knows alot, good at explaining things. +1
myth has lots of big brain knowledge and has taught me a lot with ss13, sci and was one of the people who taught me pathology, i think with their big brain they would be a great mentor and would be able to helps lots of people


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