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Jobe81 banned by Sord213
Who banned you?: - Sord213
Byond Key: - Jobe81
Discord Username: - Jobe81
Date of Ban: - 03/04/21
Specified Reason for Ban: - Griefing, toxicity.
Ban Length: - permanent
What led to the ban?: - During a shift some players subdued the captain and cuffed him in an attempt to get AA. Instead of following the correct course of action and helping the captain or reporting the incident, I prevented the captain from getting free of the cuffs for an extended period of time. In addition I took the captain's ID from the access terminal where the other players had left it and did not return it to him. I lost track of the spirit of the game in my attempt to make it what I wanted it to be. I can reflect on how this might be fun for me but could ruin the game for others and create a circle of toxicity and bad manners.
Why am I appealing?: - There are other servers out there but, there isn't another Goonstation community. I really enjoyed the community and I did not realize how much damage my actions were doing to that community previously. I hope to be able to add positive experience and play within the spirit and rules of the game again.
Which rule did you break?: - Rule 1
Evasion Attempts: - None (While writing this I did try to join a server several times to get my dates and other related ban information however) I did have some discussions with a mentor on the subject shortly after the event. The mentor helped put things into perspective for me. I wish for the life of me I had wrote the mentor's name down so I could give them shout out. Great person.
Hey. Just gonna quote what I said in another thread from another person who got caught in the banwave.

The big issue we, the admin team, had with everything going on in the round in question and the reason harsh punishments were handed out to just about everyone involved was the overwhelming tacit support for everything that happened. A bunch of non-antagonists griefing a player because the player (who happened to be an admin) didn't do what they liked. The thing they liked being everyone receiving all access. And a bunch of other players either directly or indirectly supporting the decision. Not everyone involved took heavy actions to support the griefing but the worst part is not a single player, out of around 20 players at the time, thought something off was going on and reported it via ahelp. It's pretty disheartening seeing a bunch of people support something like that.

If people want to give out AA that's fine, there's no issue with that. Just don't grief and abuse players if they don't follow your little "rules".

Ban lifted.

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