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NT Record & Interview: Silveris Fireheart
Character profile for Silveris, my medical lizard! I decided it would be best for him to get his own profile instead of being lumped into the old profile thread I have where he wouldn't really fit too well. I also wanted to use a more expanded template to provide more information and include a little interview between him and a certain other character. big grin

NT Employee Record #03926514781

Employee Name: Silveris Celosia Fireheart
Preferred Title (If Applicable): Dr.
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Bank PIN: 4781
Bloodtype: B-
Eye Color: Orange
Primary Scale Color: Silver
Secondary Scale Color: Magenta
Tertiary Scale Color: Tangerine
Distinguishing Features: Scales are often shiny and glimmering. Has two visible scars, a large scar across their tail and a small scar on their neck.
Current Job Assignments: Medical Director, Medical Doctor, Roboticist, Geneticist
Prior Job Experience: Holds a doctorate's degree in Advanced Medical Sciences. Unknown amount of time serving as [REDACTED] - See attached interview for additional details.
Medical Records: Reptilian anatomy requiring additional support in sustaining body heat. DNA scans reveal the genetic structure of the individual to be highly adaptable to changes. Eyes appear better able to see in low light levels similarly to felines. Positive for Hemophilia and should be cautious of cuts and scrapes. Cells appear highly vulnerable to combustion and burning. Recommended that the use of addictive substances be substituted with other chemicals due to individual's addictive personality. Possible anxiety issues which could result in depressive mood swings or near violent outbursts.
Additional Skills: Significant knowledge on the use and operation of most firearms. Minor knowledge on the creation of several nerve agents, neurotoxins, and volatile compounds as well as how to deploy and counteract them.
Miscellaneous Notes: Takes great pride in keeping his scales clean and polished and in maintaining a very formal appearance, which seems to also extend to his department and workplace. Will not tolerate any form of medical malpractice or negligence, and is very harsh on those who fail to fully treat a patient and that make or keep a mess in medical. Also frowns upon traditional and barbaric practices often exhibited by other lizards, and holds his kin to a very high standard.
Loves: Shiny things, Celosia flowers
Likes: Quiet shifts, serene sounds, work breaks
Dislikes: Sloppiness, NanoTrasen, firefights, explosions
Hates: Syndicate, the cold

Attached Interview #056791
Interviewer: NT-SO Drago Kitterson
Interviewee: Dr. Silveris Fireheart
Time of Interview: 2:48 sector time, April 4th, 2052
Reason for Interview: Dr. Silveris Fireheart was captured following the raid of a confirmed Syndicate outpost serving as a post operations medical facility in frontier space.


Kitterson: Morning Doctor...

Fireheart: Dr. Fireheart, but you can jusssst call me Ssssssilverisss, not like you don't already know my name, NT being the sssssspiess they are.

Kitterson: Right. I'll skip the formalities and get straight to the point Silveris. You were found surrendering at *STATIC*, is that correct?

Fireheart: That'ssssss correct.

Kitterson: And you also served as the Commanding Medical Officer as well as one of the supervisors of said facility, is that also correct?

Fireheart: More than I'd like it to be.

Kitterson: Why would a head of a Syndicate facility just turn himself in with a folder full of secrets and intelligence in hand?

Fireheart: What doessssss my motivesss have to do with anything? You get a hand full of Ssssssssyndicate documents, and I get a posssition on one of your ssssstationssss to live out my life, that wassssssss the deal I agreed to.

Kitterson: Because you're the one I'm most interested in, not these documents. What has been your involvement with the Syndicate in the last decade?

*An audible sound of spitting and angry hissing is heard, followed by the sound of a slap across someone's face.*

Fireheart: I'm not telling you anything of my passsst, NT ssscum. You don't know me and you never will.

Kitterson: Fine, don't speak then, I'll gladly put another scar into your tail if that gets you to talk.

*A long silence goes on for about ten minutes before the sound of a door opening and voices breaks the pause in sound.*

Kitterson: You can't be serious, you're going to let this one walk out with a command position!? I don't underst-

*Indecipherable voices are heard along with the rustling of chairs.*

Kitterson: Yes sir, I'm finished with him anyways I guess.

Fireheart: Goodbye Operative, I may never get my chance of revenge againssst you, but I promissssse I'll dream of it every night and day.

*Door closing and the sound of a hand hitting a table with a slam.*

Kitterson: Syndie like him just gets to walk away with those benefits and no punishment. He's got to be up to something.


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