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Toranvor12 banned by flourish
Who banned you?: flourish
Byond Key: Toranvor12
Discord Username: I'm not at Discord.
Date of Ban: Yesterday, 04/03/2021
Specified Reason for Ban: Called someone "fag", then died and logged out. Since you weren't online to talk to, I'll be applying a ban to your account.
Ban Length: Permanent.
What led to the ban?: I was a clown antagonist, traitor more specifically then I decided to make a pipe bomb and throw it at two security officers who were chatting, it didn't exploded as I expected and they stunbattoned me, I called them "fag", and after being lynched by the two I quit because it was very late and I had to sleep.
Why am I appealing?: Since the ban was applied because I wasn't there to talk with the admin, I'm here to speak about the ban and maybe be unbanned
Which rule did you break?: Rule 4: Bigotry and sexual content is a non-negotiable hard 'no'.
Evasion Attempts: No.
Yep, you're right that you broke rule 4. Please keep it in mind as you play. Ban lifted.

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