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Pali, All servers, April 1st 2021
Admin: Pali

Server: All Servers
Date + time: April 1st, 2021
Synopsis: Pali specifically went into every single item sprite looked them up online and replaced them with entirely unique online images, used the powers of the secret submodule to code a way to have swap all the sprites, and nobody knew it was coming but the admin team. This may seem like a just another funny thing. But to me it shows how much of a presence Pali has on goonstation and this entire community. Pali works so very hard to improve (in the case of the prank that is debatable) and make goonstation the wild place that it is. When people who grew tired of the joke began to speak out, instead of telling them to not play today. Pali worked on getting Goon 3 to not have the April Fools joke active. They made sure even if people didn't like the joke, they could still play that day.

In conclusion: Pali is a wonderful person that cares about goonstation and the enjoyment of the players.
This was so goofy and fun, and you even reverted it on 3 for people who wanted a break. Thank you so much
Thanks, I'm glad people enjoyed it. But just to clarify most of the prank process was automated and it wasn't nearly as much effort as you might think despite it being about 3700 sprites.
Pali is very cool always and takes a lot of care to help with things like switching server modes when RPO and RP used to get stuck on extended or secret; I think the work on making Morty a less chaotic zone for April Fool's parallels their willingness to help curate the community experience to be enjoyable, fun, and one where the players feel listened to!

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