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The Farting Cluwne banned by Flourish
Who banned you?: - Flourish
Byond Key: - The Farting Cluwne
Discord Username: - Matthias#3725
Date of Ban: - I actually have no clue. I'd wager about 3-4 months ago? It could've easily been more or less, but I'm bad with times. I wanted to take some time off after the ban to recollect myself. 
Specified Reason for Ban: - This player has created dozen of alt accounts throughout their time here, and have kept breaking the rules throughout those different accounts. I spoke to them multiple times about not doing this, and they agreed multiple times that they would stop. They did not stop. Please take some time off and appeal this ban when you're genuinely ready to stop breaking the rules.
Ban Length: - Permanent.
What led to the ban?: - God, what didn't lead to the ban? To be honest while I wasn't the most toxic player, I had broken just about every rule besides no bigotry, slurs, etc. Alts and self-antags were the most prevalent. 
Why am I appealing?: - For a while, I didn't feel worthy to return after all I did, but I do genuinely love Goon. I made a lot of friendships on it, and I want to see if I can turn over a new leaf and an exemplary player. I don't like being a shitter. 
Which rule did you break?: - As stated before, literally just about every rule other than 3, 4, and 9.
Evasion Attempts: - I don't use VPN's and I didn't try to evade the ban. I really did need time to reflect and even if I wanted to evade, it wouldn't have done me any good in the long run.
Hi, thank you for appeal. I appreciate your honesty, and I'm glad to hear that you'll try to turn over a new leaf. Ban lifted, let me know if you have any issues connecting.

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