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THE_HOLY_POTATO banned by flourish
THE_HOLY_POTATO banned by  flourish

Just recently joined the discord:THEOHOLYPOTATO#5271
Who banned you?: flourish
Date of Ban: roughly a few months ago
Reason: [SAY: no u have toching my dick and shit] [SAY: molester] [SAY: i am 9 years old] [SAY: how dar u] [SAY: WHER IS THE HOE THAT KILLED ME] Logged off before they could be talked to
Ban Length: (This is a permanent ban).
What led to the ban?: my little brother got banned, i think he may have been logged into my account or it could be something with our ip addresses because we're connected to the same wifi and have similar ip addresses. i'm unsure why specifically it happened though.
Why am I appealing?: because i really like goonstation and i've always followed the rules in the past .my brother has admitted to saying those things and breaking the rules. And I will be sure to remove my account from his computer and take better strides in the protection of my account.

 He also didn't let me know until I found out for myself until I tried to play a goonstation server which actually worked the first time but it appears that the ban actually worked when I went to play another round. The reason this appeal has not been made earlier is because i've forgotten about it and decided to play it again.

Which rule did you break?:

4. Bigotry and sexual content is a non-negotiable hard 'no'. If you are unsure what sexual content includes: do not refer to sex acts, genitalia, or anything sexual in nature. Rape 'jokes' are considered sexual content. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to use the word rape in this game. Yes, you can call people dicks and insult them with terms that are used normally, but don't use bigoted language or slurs. Common examples of bigoted language include calling people 'retards' or 'traps', or using 'gay' in a derogatory manner. If an admin tells you to knock something off because it breaks the no bigotry or sexual content rule, that is not an invitation for debate. Knock it off or go elsewhere. Bigoted language (for example, slurs) is also not allowed in your BYOND key, character name, flavor text, or anything else with which you interact with the server, whether as a joke, or masked with misspellings or spoonerisms. This rule also extends to cover bigotry and discrimination based around a player's in-game race, species, or gender identity.

2. Listen to the admins. We will try to treat you with basic respect, please return the favor: If an admin has to grump at you, take the time to talk to them about it and answer their questions HONESTLY. We have multiple ways of telling if you are lying about stuff, and if we can't trust what you're saying, there's no point to talking so we're probably going to have to reach for the banhammer. Also, although nobody expects you to take a talking-to with a smile and a nod, please try to keep a civil tone. We're just people too, folks.

Evasion Attempts: none
Hi, thanks for the appeal. Generally, if your brother broke the rules, they have to make an appeal. Do you think that'd be possible?

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