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Varshie (moth admin) 3/31/2021 - Morty/ Server 3
I've said thank you like 4 times already in Discord, but huge shout out to Varshie and everyone who was on Morty on Horizon today/last night. 

At the beginning of the round, Stirstir ran out of the brig down towards the Bridge me and the HoS and the other officer on the round at the point worked to stun Stirstir and put him back in the brig, which we did successfully. Mundane, right? Just a little monkey business.

There ended up being some other crisis in the AI Computer Core for some time; when the HoS was walking back, he slipped on a banana peel and decided to permanently brig it. I thought this was super funny, so I even went into Secmate and made a security record for a one "banana peel (assignment: peel)" for the crime of "Slipping the HoS (assault on an officer of the peace)".

Some time later a few people on the station claimed to see a monkey out in space in a suit; I said maybe it was Albert and that that was no place for a monkey. 

The round proceeded pretty normally, with radstorms and the HoS and Captain attended to what had happened in the Computer Core. I was at the front desk of the Sec HQ when a monkey in a suit walked up to me (!) asking to be let into Sec. I said they couldn't go in, but thought maybe the peel was the monkey's and the monkey wanted to visit the peel. I brought the peel out, then said I had to re-brig it (it was permabrigged on HoS's orders!), but I put it in genpop on the table by the window so the monkey could see it. The monkey then indicated they wanted to see Stirstir. I thought this was related to Stirstir's attempted break out at the beginning of the round--maybe the monkey was a family member or friend giving over evidence for the big trial Stirstir is testifying in! So I brought out Stirstir and set him in a chair. We were still trying to find who had turned the turrets in the AI core to lethal when three people had been inside the core fixing laws, so I walked away to look at the cameras for a moment and left the peel and Stirstir to talk to the monkey.

The CE heard gunshots. I went out towards Cargo, then saw blood coming from the visitation center of Security. Stirstir was shot and dying, and the center window was removed with the grille under it cut. The banana peel was still there on the table in the middle of a puddle. Running the forensics revealed a .22 caliber gun was used; the mechanic offered useful insights about the nature of the gun and where it could be obtained. The chef was a little confused how the mechanic knew so much about this very illegal weapon, but went back to making fine soup out of tomatoes for Security, and the mechanic went back to making fine traps that launched tomatoes. Stirstir died that day, in Medbay, right before he could be put into a Cryo tube. The roboticist made it his personal mission to revive Stirstir at any cost necessary and valiantly died in the Debris Field when attempted to procure a mysterious reagent in a shady transaction. When he was cloned, he suited up yet again, I loaned my baton out to him, and he came back victorious and revived our precious friend Stirstir.

The person who had toggled the turrets on when people were in the AI Core was none other than our HoP, trying to eliminate our Captain and HoS. We tracked them down to their office, where an explosion then let them run away. The CE and I went back to the hole in the HoP Office to fix it, but then I saw a dark and tiny figure poke out of an unused and unlit hall when I was running back to the OR where the HoS and Captain were. I was hit by a dart, turned tail, and ran back to the CE before passing out. The CE began running with me but then got shot too. We woke up in front of that same hall, the tiny tailed figure dragging us to where there was air before slinking away again.

Our knowlegable gun expert the mechanic later reported a break in at the Detective's office, and sure enough the suspect was wearing the HoP's clothes with an expended DNA changer. I brought them both in while a third officer who had joined us worked on interrogating the monkey. They were *also* hit by a dart. We all went on the shuttle, two traitors in tow, one HoP and one monkey. The monkey gave one last try to throw our now-alive Stirstir out the side of the shuttle, but was thwarted as we landed safely.

We learned later that the banana peel we had permanently brigged was in fact a stealth storage, and the location where the gun used to assassinate Stirstir had been stored.

All in all great round. Thank you again to Varshie, but also to all the players who participated in any capacity, whether it was reviving Stirstir, making tomato soup, snitching on Syndicate Weaponry, dragging me back towards Med when I was hit by a dart, interrogating Oppenheimer the monkey while I worked on two other cases simultaneously, building a new robuddy friend, running medbay and cutting out A Lot of bullets from A Lot of people, or running the station in all its chaos and collaboration.
hell yeah
(03-31-2021, 01:31 AM)Rodney Dick Wrote: hell yeah
varshie is consistently very cool and does amusing gimmicks on rp while involving as many people as possible. always happy to see them

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