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Freeze: Splash chem
I have chem nerded quite a bit. There are a few mixes that you can make as a splash chem that can instantly put you into low crit and the like, and if you do some other things,you can extend that.

Recently i've seen a scientist over the last few months do freeze, but always I saw it either in pen form or via floorpilling poor folks.

Today I saw a ton of ice statues. Freeze is a splash chem. One splash of what I assume is 100u beaker of freeze deep crit and then instantly rolled the %chance to frost gib me. So, it instantly pens skin and gibs you faster than gibbis, and you can make it on station. Does Dragons Breath do the same? Can you splash chem instantly destroy someone with dragons breath in the same manner? Have all of the chem nerds been missing out?

Is this intended so that we don't need to buy sleepy pens for kill chems?

Yeah I dunno why this was originally in Ideas/suggestions. I should have bugfixed this.
Freeze doesn't have a touch interaction, only while it's in your bloodstream. It also doesn't have `penetrates_skin` set (which would let it enter the bloodstream on splash). Either there's a bug or something else was at work.

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