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Mentor Application (Charles Tucker/Doctor Science PhD)
Usual character name: Charles Tucker/Doctor Science PhD/Science the Clown
BYOND username: AlyasGrey
Discord username (if you are on our discord): [GoD]Alyas the Grey/Caban
Recommended by (if applicable):
Goon servers you play: Goon 1 primarily, started on Goon RP

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):  To be completely honest I frequently end up walking new players and old players trying new roles through their job during a pretty significant proportion of my rounds already.  So why not formalize this and give myself the ability to assist players who aren't in my immediate vicinity?

I initially began playing SS13 in 2012 but have little recollection of that period beyond trying it thanks to an SA forums thread and recommendation from someone I had been playing Puzzle Pirates with.  I returned around April/May of 2020 and began playing primarily on what was known as GRPO.  During my time there I primarily spent my time learning Genetics and command roles.  

After becoming comfortable enough to pursue time on a higher population server I migrated to the main RP server and expanded my roles to include Miner, Mechanic, Engineer, Clown, Botany, Chef, Bartender, Scientist and essentially everything except Robotics and full-time Medical.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and learned so much from the wonderful RP crew.

When a fairly significant number of my friends from RP moved on and I became curious about the broader types of antagonists available along with gaining a desire to improve my general robustness I decided to try Main/Goon 1.  I feel like I improved my knowledge significantly through exposure to the more chaotic atmosphere and increased danger of the high-population non-RP servers.   I became comfortable with security roles, although I do not prefer them, and significantly expanded my abilities as a Scientist including learning how to operate many of the more obscure mechanics across the station.  This includes DWAINE and ThinkDos.  I'm entirely comfortable teaching a new player any role outside of Robotics and medical surgery beyond some of the more basic surgeries.  I can fill Roboticist and Medical roles as needed and have been known to play shifts as a Clown Doctor but fully realize that I should prioritize learning those roles fully in order to be a more effective teacher of the game.  Beyond that I know each of the maps and most of the off-station destinations like the back of my hand.  I pride myself on never failing to help a new player learn a role if they need help regardless of my own status in a round because I genuinely believe that my own fun in a single round does not outweigh my obligation to a community that has given so much joy to me.  If there is something I can do to give another player a chance to experience some of that by making their experience pleasant enough that they stick around then I believe I am morally obligated to do so.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):  None.
yes ys yes yes +1
Friendly, and plays a great clown. Knows how to do pranks/silliness well without getting griefy.
definitely a +1 from me.

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