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objects made from iridium alloy should be acidproof
Right now, there generally isn't much point to the iridium alloy you can get from certain sources, particularly with matsci being in its current state.  An idea I had was to give it the special property of being acidproof, since in real life iridium is one of the few substances that can safely be used to contain hydrofluoric acid.

As an added bonus this ties in with a PR to make certain syndicate items acidproof - lorewise the iridium alloy is used if not developed by the Syndicate.
As good as this sounds on paper, I'm gonna have to say no for what would be its practical use.

Iridium is already a fucking pain in the ass to get a hold of as it is, requiring either killing the Y-drone, killing nanites, or getting lucky with miracle matter, and I'll be honest, I don't want to give anyone any more reason to pull in nanites by any means. Those things are incredibly destructive even if they are weak and spawn/respawn invariably so their destruction kind of spreads through the station.

I also don't want mining to become any more of a powergamer haven than it already is, considering you can already pull artifacts, voltrons, and various other goodies with it.
I'm for it because atm matsci still kind of sucks. We need more incentive to do it. Other than just making yourself insulated gloves or erebite-tipped arrows.

It sucks that the armor vests already in-use on the station are already made of the best material. It would be cooler if the stuff miners mined actually could be alloyed into something better.

Nanites are fucking hilarious and i've used them to kill a nuke ops team + the nuke on certain maps, there should be a clear warning to whoever pulls one in though that you risk putting the entire station in danger. Maybe an option on the mineral magnet to create a forcefield so it turns the magnet pad into a literal arena.

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