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[Input Wanted] [Possible PR] Open hidden sliding doors with mechcomp
Several players have mentioned this Ludolf asked me for it, I think it would great fun if buttons/hand scanners/secret passwords could open up hidden doors.

Given that hidden doors are unpowered, we would add a new doodad to the MechComp dispenser- "servo" which would be attached to a loose girder; and possibly in the future other potential candidates like wooden doors.
This would allow mechcomp to be attached with the possible commands "open", "close", and "toggle state"
It would also send state over mechcomp when opened or closed
It's also possible this is unnecessary- rule of cool may suggest that we just let Mechcomp control these hidden doors.
Please let me know what you think!
As a MechComp nerd... this, I like.

Not really able to be abused beyond neat hidden rooms and contraptions and stuff, so no murdering can really be done with this, so whee

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