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book alternatives for chaplain + unrelated miricle idea
chaplain should be able to choose between different religious books, not just be stuck with the bible (along with the faith gun changing to appropriate and coordinating appearance). I think it would also be cool if they could choose and pick one miracle from a list of minor miracles, just to spice up their gameplay, something like being able to give people the cat eyes trait temporarily, or being able to summon a bananna peel (honkmother outfit when?), nothing major, but fun little gimmick they could do. there could be a potential to link the two, and tie each book to a minor miracle, but that may limit creativity.
I like this idea, maybe a button on the hud if you posses chaplain training to switch between the diffrent types? and maybe the diffrent types of books could have diffrent affects on a person if hit by a person with chaplain training
Make the chaplain start with a token and they can pick a load out like security does.

Getting a box of decor or such for each religion to customize the chapel would be nice as well.
add a Flock holy book for the memes.
but what would it be called?
анализ сигналов в дальнем космосе or "deep-space signal analysis"
The text is littered with illegible notes and sketches of strange avian creatures.
A melee option instead of the gun could be thematic for a lot of builds while we're spitballing.

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