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CosmCosmos banned by zamujasa
Who Banned me?: zamujasa
Byond Key?: CosmoCosmos
Discord Username?: ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Date Of Ban?: 3/28/2021
Specified Reason For Ban SAY: yes, I made your mother cum (109,86,1 in Security) --
Ban Length?: permenant
What led to the ban?: A vampire was annoying me so I said some very unsavory things abouat their mother
Why am I appealing?:  I just want to play the game again, -I just learned how to make cyanide

Evasion Attempts?: I fired up an alt account and it didn't work
I'm sorry, I neglected to read where it says to wait a month before appealing
see you in a month then

-I'm sorry

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