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Mentor App: Nefarious6th
yes +1
long overdue tbh. nef's always seemed to be trying to help others and be positive +1
no doubt about it +1
Was wondering when they'd apply, honestly. A positive force both in and out of game, helpful to veterans and newbies alike. Would love to see them representing goon, as they're fun to talk to, fun to play with, and generally a joy to be around. They're a solid doc, a robust silicon, a sensible engineer, a great secoff, a stern captain, and an absolute beast of a S.W.O.R.D fighter, and I'm sure they have tons of game knowledge to impart. Would make an excellent mentor.
Hope to see em squeaking around maint sometime.
How... did I not see this?

+1 holy crap, we need more wiki nerds
Finally a mentor app I feel like I can comment on!

I can't exactly speak to their conduct in-game because I haven't knowingly associated any character with them (I think I've seen Laura a few times though?), but as far as discord and github goes they're a good bean.

Your presence both in game, in Discord, on the Wiki, on the Forums and in the Community as a whole is one of the largest and most noticeable by far. You're always willing to provide your input on many different applications and topics, are behind multiple wiki contributions, and happy to aid and help new players and veterans wherever possible. We've not interacted much recently, but when you spoke with me a couple of months back regarding my own Mentor App, you gave me a fresh perspective on my own attitude, and while being critical and firm, you were very respectful.

Surprised you've not applied sooner, Nef!
Nef's a great person and I don't doubt they'll be a great mentor aswell
Nef has already consistently shown that they're extremely helpful and have the right attitude to be a mentor. I'm glad to see that they're finally applying!
+1 Always willing to help folk and very approachable.

I almost forgot to comment on this one! Easy +1, Nef is awesome. Can't say I've had a bad interaction with them, and they're constantly helping people and generally being awesome. That's not to mention their piles of wiki work. Give purple!
+1. You're pretty neat Nef. The amount of work that you put into this community is lovely, and you're simply a good person to be around. From putting feedback on someone's application, to doing wiki work, to teaching the game mechanics of a specific job, I can say from my own opinion that you have done an awesome job for this community. I don't think I've really spent a major amount of time with you as your non-silicon character, but the interactions I had with you have been most excellent.

You'll do good work as mentor. I know it!

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