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Mentor App: Nefarious6th
Usual character name: Marcel Meyow, JANUS, FCK, Aino Takalan, Laura Ashburn
BYOND username: nefarious6th
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Monacarrow#7630
Recommended by (if applicable):
That one person who yelled at me in ooc to “just be a mentor” when I was telling some new players about the engine types between rounds...

Goon servers you play: all

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):
I’ve only picked up Goonstation within the past year; Outside of SS13, I’ve been in a few other closer-knit game communities, but none quite as welcoming, diverse, and fascinating as Goon’s community. I recognize that what goes on here is a really, really rare thing, and I’m super grateful to be able to participate in it with others. I was by no means an expert when I came to Goon, and had mostly played AI, cyborg, and civilian roles on other servers because I thought the learning curve for most other roles was totally unapproachable for someone like me. I’ve found that I really love the systems and possibilities within Goon, and would not have gotten to understand and experiment with them without the guidance and support of a number of mentors.

There’s a lot of roles that I can play and teach in that I started this game thinking I would never be able to do. Almost more than anything, I love learning and teaching, and for me, Goon is no different. Once I figure something out, it’s an enlightening and exciting moment, and my next thought is always to tell or show someone else whatever it is I’ve learned so that they can have that moment too.

I was drawn to Goon by recent tides; I really got started on Nightshade and Main in June of last year, and had a blast at the beginning picking up medical, then eventually handing down everything I learned to other people joining those servers as I began to branch into other roles. I’d love to share more of what I’ve learned with others, especially in roles like engineering, construction, and silicon, that newer players might perceive as being difficult to pick up and have fun doing. 

I play a lot of cyborg and AI, probably more than my other roles combined (with sec as a close second). I find being a cyborg is a really great spot to teach from, and it’s initially how I taught medical and engineering to others. I find that AI can also be a decent spot to teach from, but it’s a really great role to encourage from. I like celebrating other players’ successes in-round and post-round, especially if they’re mastering something new, like an engine setup or the process for detaining an antagonist. Just as much as fielding knowledge-specific questions, I wholly believe doing things like these to motivate, encourage, and welcome other players is meaningful in that it maintains the unique atmosphere of the Goon community. 

For in-game knowledge, I’ve tried (almost) every role available. Shamefully, I have never played clown, but my particular strengths are silicon, security, mining, and civilian roles, and an eclectic mix of everything that goes into construction. I have admitted knowledge gaps in artlab, most of mechcomp, DWAINE scripting, and combat-related things. Even though I’ve played every type of antag but flockmind, I also have a lot of learning to do there. I do enjoy doing absolutely wild and goofy things like transcendental oven fry-sci, asteroid belt 100% clears, strange burns on Cog1, and traitor gimmicks using the bowling kit and sponge capsules. I want to encourage other players to feel confident learning as many of the game mechanics as they wish, and for them to have fun and feel supported while doing so.

I also am primarily active both in-round and in-Discord at weirder hours so I think I can help reinforce mentor outreach during that part of the day in answering questions and teaching people during US morning time / EU afternoon.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):
None; I feel like this is the most relevant section for discussing growth in the community. Though I wasn’t formally Yelled At, I got very fed up with being excluded on the RP servers and the way that came out was public and very tactless and I’m very, very sorry for that. I just wanted to acknowledge that I have been places I’m not proud of and am always seeking to be better.
I have bugged mona/nef for eons to finally apply for mentor. They are a very good person that only seeks what's best out of people and will put aside many things simply to teach another person how to do something in game. This is by far the easiest +1 I can possibly give.
A million times yes. One of the kindest, funniest, most helpful people on the discord and has provided their own countless input on other people's apps, they are fully involved in the community and do some really great contributions to boot! +1 for sure.
Kind, considerate, thoughtful, eager to help, and constructive. Great member of the community by contribution and by example.
Always helpful, and a friendly member of the community. I'd love to have em be turned into a mouse and sent to the mentorhelp mines!
+1 100%, I don't think I've ever seen them break rules or do anything to start an argument or issues and they always help around in discord, I've seen them do stuff thats practically sacrificing their own fun to help others as well.
Nef is cool and helpful I can trust them to not abuse mhelp stuff, +1
I remember a long while ago i told nef that they would make a great mentor and i still fully believe they would be a great purple mouse! I've been in lots of shifts with nef and they are always great to see and talk to in a shift, they are friendly and kind when they interact with different people and also in discord its the same, i always see them talking with people and trying to help if someone has a problem or questions. in terms of knowledge i see them play a lot of sec and other jobs so i feel they definitely have lots of experience in many jobs and enough to be able to help lots of people! at the jobs they do they do very well too like sec, having nef on the team is always great and fun! maybe nef hos one day hehe.

overall i feel nef would make a great purple mouse with there great and friendly personality and big brain knowledge on lots of jobs +1

Monacarrow/Nef is one of the most helpful and awesome people in game and out of it. It’s awesome to see them apply and they deserve to be forced into the mentor mines after so long.
Helpful!!!! +1
Nef is someone who I was surprised to see wasn't already a mentor with how involved they are with community in just about every way. My experience with them has mostly been out of game, probably due to mismatching free time. However, their helpfulness, friendliness, and effort that I see from them on discord, the forums, and github is matched by very few. +1
Easy +1. Nef is one of the few players that encouraged me to stick with the game when I first returned to Goonstation last year and felt I didn't fit in, including giving me suggestions of what roles might work for me when I was still learning. I see them helping and encouraging players all the time, and they clearly are very invested in the game and community itself with their contributions to mapping and the wiki. Their knowledge about gameplay mechanics itself is a bonus. :) I don't catch them ingame that often due to timezones, but when I do they're very capable and helpful. I can tell that they will make good use of mentoring tools and be an excellent teacher, both in and out of the game (even moreso).

My only complaint is that you didn't ask for a recommendation! Been waiting for you to apply! :)
Big +1
Nefartious is a very good mentor candidate but still had a long way to go in regards to fashion sense. The tacky striped jacket and cat ears HAVE to go.

Nef's a good egg and has a great attitude towards players and the community in general. They would make a fantastic mentor.

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