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TheMaskedMan2 - Antag Ban by Flourish (Take 2)
Who banned you?: Flourish
Byond Key: - TheMaskedMan2
Discord Username: - Masked#3647
Date of Ban: - Like two-ish months ago at least.
Specified Reason for Ban: - Antagonist Ban. Antag-Hunting.
Ban Length: - "Don't attempt another appeal for at least another month."
What led to the ban?: - I've gone over this a lot, I have a history of leaving rounds early especially when I am in emotional ruts. I still hold to the fact that it was never antag-hunting and that presuming that I was just never caught in my cases without notes is a tad unfair. Regardless I feel like I have played a bunch especially recently during the period that this ban has taken place in and once again proven that no I am not antag-hunting, I won't do it again.
Why am I appealing?: - I feel as if I have played a lot and have proved again that I am not antag-hunting and that others can vouch for me.
Which rule did you break?: - Iunno metagaming? Not sure which it falls under, trying to game the system?
Evasion Attempts: - No.
Thanks for the appeal! Zamujasa has vouched for you, and I see that you've been playing some in the past two weeks, so I'm willing to lift your ban. You're adamant that you haven't been antag fishing, so, in the future, if you don't feel like playing, or if you feel like you're going to leave early, please try observing instead. It takes a lot of repeated behavior for someone to be noticed as potentially antag fishing, so I'm not saying "never disconnect early" or "never suicide early", but please just be mindful of how frequently you do this, and please don't make a habit of this. Please ahelp to have your antag ban lifted, or DM me when you're online.

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