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Mindslaves desperately need to be changed
I feel like Mindslave implants need to be reworked for both the crew and the hos I personally feel like the hos being uniquely resistant to mindslaves being a large problem. My understanding that the explanation for this is due to an implant that the hos have. But that raises a lot of issues for example, why aren’t all heads made forcibly loyal with those implants? Why aren’t all security guards also resistant too? I understand that hos’s are uniquely targeted due to the overall high skill level of hos’s and the trust players have with the hos as well as the resources available to both hos’s and the mindslaving antag. This mindslave implant immunity is also limited specifically to those playing hos meaning that players can still easily target those they know as skilled players as well as using it to forcibly and nearly instantly mindslaving anyone suspicious to their antagonist actions.

I do agree that rushing a hos with an implant was far too easy, but I feel with the current method of mindslaving a hos’s through surgery requires a lot of steps which makes the majority of players decide to ignore mindslaving the hos and just target other players they believe are easier targets that can be equally useful like potentially the captain or even specific players who’ve they’ve seen actively murder nearly the whole station. To counter this behavior, I feel like changes to mindslaves are needed. My petition is changing how the mindslave works; potentially for all crew members. My idea is that the person implanted must be weakened enough to allow the mindslave to “overpower” the NT loyalty implant. To help the antag overpower the person I feel that the mindslave should similarly react like a loyalty implant interacts with a rev member i.e., slowly draining the persons health until they hit a certain health % and upon hitting that % become mindslaved automatically. This would generally make mindslaves significantly less effective for those who just want to quickly run up to someone and implant them due to the person immediately calling them out and then running to the medbay to have it removed. This would mean that if a player wants to specifically target someone whether its due to their overall skill level, job, or both they would need to plan out the mindslave in a way to either severely wound the person to allow for the mindslaving to occur quickly but potentially allowing others to hear a possible fight and find the traitor out or giving the victim time to report the attack. However, I still feel like the implant should still be surgically removable allowing for those with access to paralyzing chemicals to still mindslave people without the need of “going loud”. I also feel like deluxe mindslaves should act like standard implants do now instantly mindslaving anyone instantly permanently until removed from the body or the player is put into another body (most commonly due to cloning). However, an increase in price might be necessary due to the significant advantage this gives to deluxe mindslaves.
One issue I see with this is the need for all players to always have the implant in them possibly complicating surgeries (however it sort of makes sense for NT to force all workers to be implanted with some sort of weak loyalty implant due to NT’s uncaring for their crew members wellbeing and privacy). Another issue I have been made aware of is players willingly allowing the implant to mindslave them even if they have more than enough time to have it removed. I feel like A. this can still happen now there is nothing stopping a player from allowing someone else to implant them whether it is a friend or just because the person wants to self-antag and B.  It will make this behavior easier to spot due to the robust nature of admin round logging and due to the increase of time to mindslave someone from basically instant to potentially forever (due to heals and other factors).

Maybe this would've been better in the discussions category woops
While I don't see a huge problem with the way mindslave implants are right now, there is always room for improvement!

People who are known for being robust being commonly mindslaved is an easy, and I think making them work similarly to loyalty implants sounds good to me!
It would force a traitor to actually fight/disable a skilled person if they wish to mindslave them.

Also, the instant, basically unblockable nature of mindslave implants always felt a little bit not very fun to me, even if they are somewhat pricey.
Instead of keeping the deluxe mindslave implant as it is, I would prefer if we maybe just rolled both types into one item, which would require you to disable/seriously harm the person for them to be mindslaved, but which does not time out.

Mindslave implants timing out always felt kind of unfun to me, since it incentivizes the traitor to remove their slave from the round before their implant times out, lest they reveal their identity. This often takes the shape of some kind of "kill yourself before 20 minutes are up", which I think feels bad for everyone involved, so I would rather just get rid of time-limited implants altogether.

In my scenario the HoS implant would still prevent mindslaving completely while present, because I think mindslaving an HoS *should* be quite a task, with kidnapping and surgery necessary (as opposed to just quick knocking out/beating for non HoS players).

If it turns out that a delayed mindslave implant often ends up with people shouting over the radio, we could potentially have it make you whisper or mute instantly on implanting, but that is more of a detail, we would have to see how things work out.
I'm in favor of this. Definitely in favor of removing the timed mindslave and just having a deluxe that takes more effort to apply. Zjd listed the "kill in 20 minutes", I more think of the "Suicide right now" approach. Mindslaves are a cool item if used for really intensive gimmicks, not so cool if its two secoffs and their master quietly shipping the whole station out airlocks.
I like the loyalty implant glitch effect and want to see it more because it's really cool.

I suggest it starts lowering them to crit but they still can be further fought to crit quickly like a Loyalty on revs? Possibly even an icon only the traitor and slave see of each other so they can tell at a glance who their new partner in crime is (until removed) like revs? In exchange, make all mindslave implants permanent and 5tc or so?

Also, potentially forcing them to whisper so they can't just call out for help right away, but can still run to it? Although, savvy players will just turn the mic on their headset and speak anyway.
I wrote some stuff about a mindslave ?re?work a while back:
Quote:- Slaves can see their master via overlay
- Masters can see their slave via overlay
- Masters and slaves get a private ghoulspeak channel
- Slaves get a pinpointer ability
- You sense that your master is somewhere in AREA
- Masters ger this ability too
- You sense that Slave A is in AREA
- Mindslave implants come with another implant that grants the private channel and ability
- Mindslaves can see others of the master's slaves

it works via implant-to-implant.
buying a mindslave implant also gives you a mindmaster implant. It attunes itself to whoever its in
mindslave implanters can be used in-hand to attune it to your implant
if you dont have a mindmaster implant, dont worry. But you and your slave dont get the overlay things
if someone steals your mindmaster implant from you and implants it into themself, they become your slaves' master

how about this, mindslave implants come with a mindmaster implant. the new implant allows you and your mindslave to see each other (and other linked mindslaves) via mob overlay, track each other down via an ability, and talk to each other privately.

If you have a mindmaster implant installed, you link the mindslave implant with your implant by using the implanter in-hand. Or it just automatically links when you implant someone.

Linked mindslaves are tied to the mindmaster implant, so if your mindmaster implant gets stolen, they can command your mindslaves just fine.

Using a mindslave implant without the mindmaster implant works as it currently does; no overlay, no mindtracking, no mindspeak, but nobody can steal your mindslaves

and to add onto that, the slave's implant could be used to track down the master easily if removed. If the mindmaster implant isnt currently in someone, the slave is still loyal to whoever it was in last, but they dont have antag status until its reimplanted into someone.
Proposed buff for a new deluxe mindslave: A little machine you can talk to where your vocal commands are broadcasted as instructions into your mindslaves thoughts. There is also a screen and speaker which allow you to see and hear what they do.

Hide in some remote room and give your mindslave step by step instructions.

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