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Endless_Misery banned by sord213
Who banned you?: - Sord213
Byond Key: - Endless_Misery 
Discord Username: - N/A
Date of Ban: - 3/4/2021
Specified Reason for Ban: - [i]"Griefing, toxicity. You don't grief people who refuse to follow your shitty rules. Don't appeal this before 4/4"[/i]
Ban Length: - Permanent
What led to the ban?: - This was during the shitstorm of grief that was going on at Overflow. I was the AI, and when the captain withheld AI, the crew started getting hostile. I generally encouraged the griefy behavior until end of round where we all got mass banned. I Messaged sord on the discord and he sent me some of the stuff I said, and I decided to take some time to reflect because I saw how much of an issue some of my statements were. Some of them also came off a bit more aggressive then I intended to, and while i'm not using that to excuse my actions I figured at the very least I should point it out. For example "That's just how overflow is" was a statement I shouldn't have made.

Why am I appealing?: - I miss goonstation. I completely understand the whole purpose of the ban. At first I have to admit, I was upset and felt it was unfair. Instead of immediately going to shitpost a crappy appeal, I decided to take some time to think to myself. Encouraging grief should be treated equally to committing grief. A lot of the things I said were encouraging of griefing the captain. But I'd like to defend some of my actions also

I was told that I set the captain to arrest without being ordered, but the reason that I did this is because that was the previous order I was given when I was uploaded with a rogue law, and I thought if the person got put back into a position of power (I.E Rogued) that the order went back into effect. When Unrogued I also turned off the arrest status when asked to. 

Another thing I want to mention is the fact that I did infact witness the crime when they stole the captains ID, and the reason i didn't immediately report this is because from what I read its generally poor figure to instantly ruin an antags round by bolting them into areas, screaming where they go, etc etc. No one said this is a problem, but I feel like I should also address it

Which rule did you break?: - Rule 1
Evasion Attempts: - None
Hey. Thanks for the appeal. The big issue we, the admin team, had with everything going on in the round in question and the reason harsh punishments were handed out to just about everyone involved was the overwhelming tacit support for everything that happened. A bunch of non-antagonists griefing a player because the player (who happened to be an admin) didn't do what they liked. The thing they liked being everyone receiving all access. And a bunch of other players either directly or indirectly supporting the decision. Not everyone involved took heavy actions to support the griefing but the worst part is not a single player, out of around 20 players at the time, thought something off was going on and reported it via ahelp. It's pretty disheartening seeing a bunch of people support something like that.

Either way, ban lifted. In the future if you see something like that going on, please report it.

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