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Banned by gannets
Look, I've been awake for like a solid 35 hours now or so. Can we all wrap this up cleanly so I can just go to bed and not miss any more of the jokes?

Clearly this guy doesn't understand what he did wrong and thinks that racism is just harmless and fun internet jokes that us loser discord culture pubbie admins here at the goonstation aren't funny/racist enough to enjoy. So I'm just gonna lay it all out for him:

Buddy, you'll never be unbanned from this server; basically our clearest and biggest rule is "DON'T BE RACIST". Banning racists is like a solid 40% of what admins do here, so gannets was just doing his job. Like, you might have been unbanned if you were smart enough to pretend like you were not actually racist or if you genuinely felt something like remorse for being such a shitty person.

Sincerely, I hope that you're just a dumb kid and you'll grow out of it soon.

By the by. I know I'm a loser, why else would I be here? You just don't get the vibe here at all. You'll have to try harder than that to hurt my feelings. This is the internet after all.
(03-19-2021, 05:50 PM)kyle2143 Wrote: By the by. I know I'm a loser, why else would I be here?

Get back in the adminhelp mines, loser.
wow i've seen threads not as bad as this in the no section.

(considering like half the posts seem to be peanut posts i'm guessing i'm not going to be smitten by god for posting this.)
buddy if they're gonna bludgeon you for peanutposting they're gonna have to do me too

dear admins please do the needful, 'no' was made for this exact situation
Players aren't really supposed to peanut post in ban appeals. At least I was once warned for it as a player, by like moreent or greyshift or someone.

Also, "smitten" is not the past tense of the word "smite". And I guess I'll oblige pope too.
for transparency, I recieved this PM today.
[Image: iFNmxfO.png]
Shugloid has been banned from the forums for the next month, he can write a better appeal after his ban expires, should he choose to.

Appeal denied, locking thread.
Damn, why does he keep talking about our insecurities? I know I have em, but they have nothing to do with making fun of racists. That's just good clean fun.

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