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Poppy Hawkins
Poppy Hawkins

Physical Description:
Age: 31
Bloodtype: A+
Build: Mesomorphic
Clone Count: 0
Disabilities: PTSD
Distinguishing Features: Black scales on the majority of body. Red dorsal stripe and a red belly.
Traits: Puritan.
Ethnicity: Saurian.
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: N/A
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 70 kg

Personal Information:
Alias: N/A
Birthdate: 12/12/2022
Birthplace: St John, Canada.
Biological Sex: Female
Gender Identity: Female
Current Residence: Her personal mini-shuttle. Model 1-A.
Economic Status: Poor. Is currently under an indentured servitude contract to repay her debt to Nanotrasen.
Education: Bachelor's in nursing.
Habits: She avoids people who are armed with ballistic firearms.
Hobbies: Exploring Sol and the frontier in her mini-shuttle. Kendo.
Marital Status: Single
Nanotrasen Loyalty Index: 50%. Not loyal, but little threat of causing trouble.
Personality Type: ISFJ
Previous Occupations: Salvager in Unity Colony for five years. Worker on NTSS-13 for 6 years
Religion: Reported as "Do you really need to know that, mate?". No match on records.

Supplementary Information:
Likes: "I like seeing new places. New people. There's always somewhere new to explore, and I like being the one to see it first."
Dislikes: "Being alone. I spent 5 years alone, it's not as fun as you'd think. Also, Martians."
Fears: Ballistic firearms of any make or model. It triggers her PTSD. Keep them away from her.
Favourite Drink: "Tea. No doubt. Friends used to call me 'sips' because I always had a cup."
Favourite Animal: "Any kind of lizards, they're really cool. Which shouldn't be surprising, i got turned into one last year because they're so cute. And cool. Did I mention they're cool?
Favourite Film: "I'm contractually bound to say that 'Nanotrasen Employee Orientation Film 5', written and directed by the CEO of Nanotrasen is the best film ever made."
Favourite Scent: "I named myself after poppies for a reason."
Favourite Food: "You ever have one of those sandwiches with every single vegetable on 'em and nothing else? You should."
Favourite Chemical: "Caffeine. For obvious reasons."
Favourite Star: "Sirius A. The brightest star I've ever seen. Think I see it now, actually... yeah. There she is."
Favourite Gun: "Fuck off. Why would you even ask that?"
Favourite Vacation Destination: "As long as it's secluded and I'm with a friend, anywhere."

Medical Records:
PTSD and an addiction to caffeine. No prescriptions.

Security Records:
Usually co-operates with arrest. Do not use ballistic firearms on her to avoid a panic attack.

"Uh, alright. I was born in 2022, in some small town in Canada. Parents got lucky with the lottery and spent it all on going to Mars around 2030. Lived in this place called "Unity Colony" until college. Got a nursing degree, which saved my life once shit hit the fan over there. All the ships were blown up and all five thousand of us were locked in that place with the Martians. We fought them off, but -
(Note to self- edit what she said about the fight before i send it to boss so it doesn't look like we didn't send any help for 5 years. Bad for PR.) 
- most of us died. Few dozen survivors at most. The gunfire was incessant, and it lasted for hours. I still get reminded of that fight when i hear gunshots today. Anyways, we couldn't leave and the Martians destroyed our communications. We were stuck down there for five fucking years.

I learned a lot down there. I know how to fight. How to grow food. Repair broken shit. That sort of thing. By the time the Nanotrasen "salvaging" team came down, there were only a dozen of us left. Turns out having one single medic in a town full of unexploded mines and air leaks isn't great. NT promised to give us a way out of there, but we had to work for our freedom. Ten years on their stations and we can be free. So now I'm here.
I'm done.
I said I'm done, stop the recor-"

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