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[MERGED PR] Replaces Part-Time Vice Officer Token with Security Assistant Token
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About the PR
Replaces the Part-Time Vice officers token with the ones used by Security Assistants

Why's this needed?
Part Time Vice Officers should remain a gimmick, not an actual security officer with equipment.
Plus you'd think that Nanotrasen wouldn't entrust Security Equipment to a bunch of Part time stoners.
This shouldn't touch the Vice Officers job and only the daily job.


(*)Replaces Part Time Viceoffs token with Assistant token

Sounds great I kinda thought they had already lost their good equipment
Good change. One of my issues when they added secass was that with part time vice officers, them and secass just made certain rounds have way too many sec. atleast now some of those sec wont be as equipped.
Yup! Seems good to me, full house is best handled, like Froggit said, when not everyone is playing a Full-Kit Officer and there's some different layers of responsibility going on.
I thought part-time vice officers were just reskinned regular vice officers
The code says otherwise, apparently Part Time Vice offs are a seperate thing, I also asked a question over in gooncord whether or not the Vice offs were spawned alongside Part timers or not

Regardless of if it is different or not, every saturday shouldn't really be extra secoffs day.

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