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[MERGED PR] Rebalance kinetic firearm melee
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About the PR
Rebalances kinetic firearm melee in the range of 6-15 damage.

Why's this needed?
Some weapons were weird outliers doing 30 damage, others were doing less than a punch.
Now weapons are mostly standardised to:
Pistol: 6 damage (punch equivalent)
Revolver/SMG: 8 damage
Two handed: 12 damage
Real Big Stuff : 15 damage


(*)Rebalanced firearm melee damage

AK was scary with 30 blunt damage man, I could literally beat a space yeti or bear to death with it instead of even bothering to shoot it, I support these being more consistent. The AK could literally crit someone in like 3-4 hits if they were low or not armored.
As well as things like a 1 handed spes-12 doing 18 damage for some reason while a 2 handed pulse rifle does 5 i think this change is good.
You have to think of the rarity of the ammo as well for how strong they are.
(03-14-2021, 10:47 AM)KikiMofo Wrote: You have to think of the rarity of the ammo as well for how strong they are.

See, I feel like that should be related to only the projectile damage. Melee damage should be consistent with expectations. If we want to increase melee damage a weapon does, it's design should reflect that.

For instance, guns with bayonets
Ohh shit.
My bad Frank. I completely blanked on the title of the thread saying MELEE. Ignore what I said. This is probably a good PR.

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