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[MERGED PR] Remove boomboots from syndicate crates
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About the PR
Changes Boom Boots to not spawn in syndicate surplus crates.

Why's this needed?
Boom Boots spawn in surplus crates and suck up 12TC of your budget for a gimmick item with no functionality.
We already block the syndicate big hat for presumably the same reason.


(+)Stopped Boom Boots spawning in syndicate Surplus Crate.

Wat even are boom boots? Never heard of em.
They're boots that make boom sounds when you walk.

Personally: what if, instead, the hat and the boots counted as lower-cost items in a surplus crate?
I thought about it but that involves more work.
the hat and boomboots are *dedication* picks. if you can just Get them randomly then that means you didn't willingly give up your TC to take the Funny Haha Joke Item, which means they lose their purpose as 'gear that indicates you want to Show Off'. I also think having Actually Useless items in surplus crates is bad and doesn't actually play to the strength of crates (being that you try to utilize your gear in smart ways).

Overall imo neither should be in crates ever because it both makes crates worse and makes the items themselves less interesting when people actually do buy them because they don't mean as much
I second flaborized's opinion
as the Big Hat Doer yeah im here to confirm that the Hat's absence from the crate has nothing to do with any care for the quality of the crate.

as Flab said, it's because you are forbidden to hold such a powerful and perfect item (The Syndicate Hat) if you also take other "useful" tools with you, like a coward.

Assuming the same design principle applies to the boom boots, im just going to merge this.

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