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Mentor Application (Chases-his-Tail, SNOWcrash)
Usual character name: Chases-his-Tail and SNOWcrash the AI
BYOND username: TheAngryPun
Discord username (if you are on our discord): TheAngryPun#9563
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Goon servers you play: Sylvester and Morty

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):
I've been playing SS13 since Tomato started up (and sadly, discontinued) the Nightshade servers; his streams were what got me into the complete madness that is Space Station 13. Ever since, I've been mildly obsessed with this janky, accursed pile of code and the ludicrous interactions it's capable of producing. How many other games let you spawn as a clown, guzzle 10 liters of nitroglycerin, and perform an explosive slapstick pratfall in front of multiple horrified heads of staff? Or open up an express, highly efficient monkey-to-singularity pipeline by building a network of disposal pipes in between Cargo and Engineering?

And because it's so complicated, I find myself naturally approaching new players when they show up on the servers and teaching them how to manipulate the UI and go about their chosen jobs. As magical as SS13 can be, getting used to playing it can definitely be a struggle, and I hate seeing that discourage players who could otherwise be great additions to the Goonstation community. It's a role I naturally gravitate to: throughout my college years in the Physics department, I'd often hang out in my department's study lounge, where confused and dismayed non-Physics majors would wander by in desperate need of information. My colleagues and I would do our best to lead these students through the hazards and pitfalls of calculus and experimental procedures.

The way I see it, if I'm already doing this on a semi-regular basis, why not make it official? Becoming a mentor would give me a more direct line to helping these new players come to understand the game, and whether or not it's the kind of thing they'd like to continue playing in the future. This is why I'm applying for mentorship: I want to show people just how much fun SS13 can be once it all finally clicks together.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):
None! I'm a good boy, I promise.
A quick +1 from me

I can’t say I’ve ever seen negative or questionable behavior from them, but what I can see I’ve seen is an AI that knows well enough about the game to actually sound like a truly omniscient AI. While others will have to judge their behavior in their feedback, I will vouch for their knowledge of the game.
I've seen you around a fair bit, and I think you have the knowledge that it takes to get a stinky purple role. +1
Nothing but positive experiences with them ingame and in Discord. Can't speak to knowledge of all things SS13 as I don't leave my little corner of the station (the one with the brig cells, in case you were confused), but from a personality perspective, Pun has the chops! Their RP is on point, they add to situations they get in, and they seem to genuinely be "in it" for everyone's enjoyment and fun.

I mean, c'mon, Tails is just awesome to be around. RP good. Their characters are memorable and I always enjoy seeing them. I've only seen good things from you, both in-game and on the Discord.

Sure! +1 from me!

I didn't get to interact with Pun personally until this week, I somehow always missed them, but when I did, it was on a very chaotic round where there was some bad captainship right away leading to a fast demotion. Tails was HoP and took care of everything swiftly and with great patience for the crew that was getting antsy. Throughout the round, they continued to communicate and check in with everyone on station. I wasn't even on the station, but they made announcements and asked about general crew welfare, which was really sweet! Even though I wasn't on station, I still got to chatter over comms and felt included. I know there were other things going on that round, but willingness to communicate and be kind in tough and stressful situations is a good measure of people's patience, and I think Pun's got tons of that!

Prior to that, in other rounds I heard them on radio and knew of them doing some teaching in engineering. In Discord/OOC, Pun is always a positive presence and cracking jokes and uplifting others. I'd love to see their attitude brought onto the mentor team, I think they'd be a welcome face for new players to interact with! Wish I ran into you more!
+1 from me!

Chase is always great to have around, and SNOWcrash is a joy of an AI. TheAngryPun is also active and always friendly and fun on the Discord. They would make a great addition to the Mentor team! <3

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