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Sewing a patients mouth shut
Being able to sew a patients mouth shut with a suture. This would approximately take 7 seconds and if the person tried to speak it would come out as *muffles or something similar. This also wouldnt be permanent where you could possibly get some surgical scissors or normal scissors and cut the strings while they are on an operating table. As also they wouldnt be able to be force fed or eat themselfs considering yeah they cant open their mouth.

This wouldnt be too powerfull considering you would have to get a patient on an operating table and sew their mouth for 7 seconds when you could take out their brain in 3 seconds.

Considering there are traitor objectives to make sure this person gets alive on the shuttle. This could bring life to some gimmicks for example incapacitating your person by removing their limbs and sewing their mouth shut soo that they cant speak nor escape your grasp but be fully capable of knowing whats happening. The muffler could be used in place but it would be esier for someone to take off the muffler rather than cut the suture.

You could also sew their eyes shut but i think that would be going a bit too far and wouldnt be neccesary nor fun to go threw.
we have muzzles !!
Also NO!
Thanks for posting!

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