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[MERGED PR] PTL Income Adjustment
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[bug][balance][input wanted]
About the PR
Adjusted Credit scaling:
* Lower MW values are scaled to provide a behavior that feels more like diminishing returns a function that is intended to scaling infinitely. Result is "similar" to if output to be +600MW.

Keep track of power not sold, and add it to the next attempt, until it can eventually be distributed to station/crew.

Why's this needed?
Give reason to chamber burns when not attempting to "Hellburn".
Give reason to turn on PTL with Char burns.
Resolves bug when outputting in "bursts". 😱


(+)Nanotrasen no longer pockets money from rounding down when paying out for PTL.  Lower end MW drastically improved.

I have no idea how to interpret that maths stuff effectively (although it looks like a huge boost?) and the PR is cryptic at best, but if it makes the PTL a thing outside of hellburns that'd be cool.

A concern with the logarhytmic looking graph (I don't know what units either axis is in) is that it looks like there's not much reason to try and reach super high power as far as PTL profit is concerned. If I'm right, that'll likely piss off engine nerds immensely.

Some before/after in-game stats for what you'd be making at a few power levels  would be helpful here.
Quote:note: every x unit = 1MW/tick, every y unit = 1 credit/tick

Tick is 4.8 seconds in this context

Big change is essentially between 1-20 is with a meaningful tangent at around 7MW.

Proposal (Purple Graph):
4MW = 9 Credits
1 minutes at 4MW = 112.5 Credits
Credits are the split between Station Payroll (Credits/2) and Engineering Staff (Credits/(2*StaffCnt)

Current Behavior (Green Graph):
4MW = 0.119 Credits
1 minutes at 4 MW = 1.4875 Credits

Made a new Desmos graph:
Labeled axis, made "demo" solution where you can put in minutes of the round and MW and it'll show you the output with proposed calculation.
Yes! Anything is better than current behaviour with new TEG. You will get about 20 credits on a good long round with a normal burn without oxy agent B. Hell I don't think I've seen anyone reach gigawatts of energy from PTL. So getting any money from it is a distant dream for normal burns as of right now.
Ooo this should also help nicely for singularity/hotspot engines.

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