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Goonstation Monthly Contest: March Edition
(03-06-2021, 06:43 PM)Gremy Wrote: Grones' Fizzy Fever!
A flavor so powerful it'll knock you off your feet! (You will be vomiting so much that you will not be able to stand back up.)
20u Cola
10u E.coli (The chemical that gives you food poisoning.)
10u Mucus (The chemical that causes the common cold.)
10u Green Mucus (The chemical that causes the flu.)

Grones' Malt Madness
20u Cola
7.5u Ectoplasm (Gives you scary messages while it's in your system.)
7.5u Loose Screws (The chemical that causes Space Madness.)
7.5u Pubbie Tears (The chemical that causes Berserker.)
7.5u Mercury (Causes brain damage.)

Whoever's bringing our submissions over to the voting post can just take their own pick of what they think would fit better as a submission. Malt Madness might be the better choice over Fizzy Fever just because the flu and common cold are both transmissible and in with like the mostly-really-old disease mechanics while everything in Malt Madness is non-transmissible and already available in game (Except for pubbie tears, I'm pretty sure getting bit by a rabid space mouse just gives you the disease directly but the disease itself is still something you can get normally.)

Updated my old submission because I had new ideas/found better ways to do what I wanted.
(03-09-2021, 09:26 AM)Eagletanker Wrote: Hearty Hellburn Brew

18 u oxygen
8 u Plasma
1 u Ghost Pepper Juice
1 u Agent B
2 u Carbon Dioxide?

Description: 9/10 Engineers prefered Grones Hearty Hellburn, find out why yourself!

It's a hellburn in a bottle, what did you expected. I think Oxy is a chem, though I'm a engineer, not a chemist.

Per The Gorog's explanation, since Agent B and Carbon Dioxide as currently only available as gases and not chems, you might to either remove or replace them.
(03-15-2021, 05:46 PM)coolvape Wrote: Grone's Perri-air / Grone's La Oxygène
30u Salbutamol ( if you can put oxygen in a can and drink it and have it be like breathing air i would replace salbutamol with that but this otherwise seems like the closest option)

Grone's Mocha Madness
10u Milk
10u Chocolate
10u Coffee

Grone's Citrus Circus Catastrophe
10u Lemon juice
10u Lime juice
5u honkfartium
5u honky tonic
(dunno if upping the two honk chems to 10u and taking the others to 5u each is better)

Grone's Mystifying Menthol Massacre
10u nicotine
10u menthol
10u mint

Grone's George Melons' Melon Mishmash
10u George Melonium
20u Water
(the water is intended to represent normal melons)

Grone's Negatronic Nuclear Nectar
5u radium
5u potassium iodide
20u sugar

(03-09-2021, 07:15 PM)Frank_Stein Wrote: Grones Irritable Bowel Sensation
10 Ginger Ale
6 Simethicone
14 Fartonium

Grones Dracula Gravy
10 Blood
10 Proconvertin
10 Glitter

Grones Tropical Zombie
5 Triple Citrus
20 Krokodil
5 Synaptizine

Need you two to specify which ones are going into the voting phase. Otherwise, I'll probably pick one at random.

My questions from earlier still stand:
(03-06-2021, 02:45 PM)Sitoutumaton Wrote: 10 units of Chlorine Azide if they do not explode immediately upon creating the bottle.

Name: Beverage Abstinence Special
Doesn't actually seem possible, I'm afraid, so I recommend you do something different. Besides, explosive chems are forbidden because the drink is supposed to be possibly dangerous, but only to its drinker.

(03-07-2021, 11:16 PM)mitdepain Wrote: 4u shit
Can you clarify what this is supposed to be? There is no reagent called "sshit" (or "shit")

(03-07-2021, 11:16 PM)mitdepain Wrote: (compagnie name: the Eurasian shit)
Are you suggesting soda separate from the Grones soda series?
Grones' Five-Alarm Cook-Off - Hearty Spacinnati-style chili soda.

beff - 3
meat slurry - 2
synthflesh - 4
chocolate - 1
sugar - 1
tomato juice - 3
holy water - 2 (garlic, i guess)
capsaicin - 5
salt - 1
acetic acid - 1
bread - 1
cheese - 2
refried beans - 3
Worcestershire Sauce - 1
cola - 20
This one

Grones Irritable Bowel Sensation
10 Ginger Ale
6 Simethicone
14 Fartonium
Entry submission has ended, and thus this thread has been locked. Go vote in this thread!

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