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Goonstation Monthly Contest: March Edition
Grones Irritable Bowel Sensation
10 Ginger Ale
6 Simethicone
14 Fartonium

Grones Dracula Gravy
10 Blood
10 Proconvertin
10 Glitter

Grones Tropical Zombie
5 Triple Citrus
20 Krokodil
5 Synaptizine
Mountain Grones Babel Blast

5u suomium
5u fleur-de-lys
5u swedium
5u caledonium
5u worcestershire sauce
Grones mining trip field-day

Potassium Iodide-10u
Grones Soda "Super Arachnoid Punch" flavor

10u Spiders
5u Unstable Mutagen
5u Denatured Enzyme
Rancher's Rage Whole Chicken Dinner

10 u chicken soup
5 u cranberry juice
5 u carrot juice
3 u mashed potatoes
2 u gravy
5 u ether (for the yawning and drowsiness)

[Image: R6K6iSK.png]
Grones Perfectly Safe Performance Enhancing Energy Drink
10u aranesp
5u ammonium bicarbonate
5u expresso
5u strychnine

Grones Industrial Strength Lubricant
5u organic superlubricant
10u oil

Grones Special "Workplace Safety is our Number One Priority" Edition (vote on this one)
10u synthflesh
10u blood
2u calcium
2u phosphorus
2u hydrogen
2u oxygen
1u prions
Grone's Perri-air / Grone's La Oxygène
30u Salbutamol ( if you can put oxygen in a can and drink it and have it be like breathing air i would replace salbutamol with that but this otherwise seems like the closest option)

Grone's Mocha Madness
10u Milk
10u Chocolate
10u Coffee

Grone's Citrus Circus Catastrophe
10u Lemon juice
10u Lime juice
5u honkfartium
5u honky tonic
(dunno if upping the two honk chems to 10u and taking the others to 5u each is better)

Grone's Mystifying Menthol Massacre
10u nicotine
10u menthol
10u mint

Grone's George Melons' Melon Mishmash
10u George Melonium
20u Water
(the water is intended to represent normal melons)

Grone's Negatronic Nuclear Nectar
5u radium
5u potassium iodide
20u sugar
[Image: groneszma2.png]

Zesty Motel Aperitif

10u carpet
10u salt
5u cranberry juice
5u pepperoni

Made with real motel.
Name : Ragin' Assistant Essence

5u Crime
5u Jenkem
15u Sugar
20u Cola

Crime time.
Grone's Dumb Airlock Jump Juice

10u Yobihodazine
4u Mercury
4u Meth
6u Perfluorodecalin
6u teporone

A mix of spacewalking chems, great for escaping into space, if you don't knock yourself out bumping into the airlocls on the way back.
Grone's Stone Cold Soda

10u Cryostylane
10u Oxygen
10u Freeze
Diet Grone's Soda
-30u of oxygen.
-20u of cola

Desc: Upon closer examination there seems to be very tiny quotation marks around the word 'diet.'
Wizard Stop
This one is for competition
and this one i just for gimmick

15u Strawberry Juice
15u Cherry Juice

Description when examine
Illegal Juice in Wizard Federation because of is name and it is rumored that it is produced with real blood from Wizard. Methods of  how one gets blood alive is unknown.

Backstory for Wizard Stop ( for gimmick and RP )

Roboticist named  Hans Stanker  made an expensive borg  with many upgrades . Wizard rampage was taking place and one wizard stormed his lab and infected borg
with him magic fart . Borg exploded , when asked by HoP why did he sabotaged borg and wasted many  material , Hans answered "  That Borg was Infected with magic fart from Wizard " HoP said back " HAHA For many years of Service i never saw or heard about that magic . Dont  make fake excuses for your incompetence
, you are fired. Hans went broke fast . In his  spare time living in his mom s basement he started working on prank for Wizard Federation and  posted  it on SpaceTube . Prank was a fake Video ad for Fart drink that can only on wizard , so that anyone can smell his specific  fart and inform local Nanotrasen Officer about it
Ad was so popular that people actually  order a lot of packages . Hans was happy about it but he had to make a fart drink  .  He somehow made it , using  a complicated Chemicals Written here *REDACTED* he made he made Juice called Wizard Stop , Juice made a lot of Stonks and Cash but Price to produce  that drink 
was also high so Hans decided to leave fart part of drink and to add cola . Fans were pissed but there little assistant brain brain forgot about it soon and Wizard that were jealous made   a legend that wizard used for ad was captured by him and extracted him for blood , thus giving this drink red color. That myth made Wizard stop only even more popular . Wizard Stop made a strong brand and Hans is still making Stonks . Only thing that is a red stain in his business is his partner  named
*REDACTED* who is wanted by Nanotrasen for massive butt Theft . Hans have not made any official statement  on this matter .

20u Cola
10u Capulettium plus
10u Liquid spacetime
10u Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD)

Best case scenario is that you teleport into a maintenance tunnel, tripping and unable to do anything.
Babble's Tower  (get it?)

5u Reversium
5u Caledonium
5u Essense of Elvis
5u Fleur-de-lys
5u Swedium
5u Honky Tonic

Edit: Well shit. Someone beat me to it

Ok.  Let's do this:
Juliet's Kiss
10u MSG
5u Pure Love
5u Cyanide
5u Capulletium
5u Neurotoxin

"You'll love it to death!"

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