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Goonstation Monthly Contest: February 2021 Voting
You have sent us several wonderful submissions for in-game books. Now go pick the best ones.

Each entry below has a corresponding number. Remember you can and are highly encouraged to vote for multiple entries!

The first place will receive: One (1) Gannets sticker

The first, second and third place will receive: a top 3 medal (with a cool in-game reward!)

Everyone who submitted will receive: a participation medal (and a different but also cool in-game reward)

Some of the books will be added into the game when I get around to doing that.

Voting will close Sunday March 6th, 2021

  1. Code:
    <u><b>Captaining 101</b></u>By: <i>Investigangster Klutz</i>, Captain of the <i>Moon Dump 3000.</i><u>Index</u>Introduction <b>p1</b>Round start <b>p2-4</b>Responsibilities <b>p5</b>Nukies <b>p6</b>Revolutions <b>p7-8</b>The clown <b>p9</b>Conclusion <b>p10</b><u>p1</u>Are you the captain? If not, do you aspire to be a captain?! Well look no further. With this guide, you can be captain of anything. Even if you’re a staffie, by reading this book, you will surely be captain material. <u>p2</u>Let's start off with something easy. Round start. On every approved nanotrasen station, you will start off with your captain's locker, a spare ID, a hand teleporter, and an authentication disk + tracker. It's OK if you don't know what any of this does. Hell, I don't even know. <u>p3</u>In your locker, there's a few things you should note. You have a spare set of armor, clothes, and most importantly, your energy gun. Everything you don't plan on taking out with you into the ship should go in your locker, or in your magical secure safe. Your spare headset, you should keep on you, or in the safe, in case HOP decides to break in and usurp your rule! Your energy gun can be traded in for a sword if it hasn't been scanned by a mechanic, and if it is fully charged, via the “Check Job Rewards” command.<u>p4</u>Now that you're all geared up, and your office is squared away, keep an eye out for the enemy intercept communication, sent courtesy of Nanotrasen. Keep in mind that this paper isn’t always correct, and you shouldn’t tell anyone who doesn't have command access what it says.<u>p5</u>When going about the station, you should monitor the radio, for any major threats. You should also listen out for revolutionists, as they are bad news. However, times where there aren’t any threats are your free time. You're the captain, do what you want! Nobody can tell you no! (Apart from security, don’t mess with security, they have stun batons.)<u>p6</u>If you ever hear people yelling “NUKIES” on the radio, that means you should stop what you're doing, and form a plan with security. Remember that authentication disk from earlier? Your job is to get your disk in the nuke and activate it inside the nuke. By doing that you’ll give the station extra time to beat it until it breaks. However, the disk works backwards too. If a syndicate scumbag puts it in, it will decrease the time, making your crews chances of survival decrease.<u>p7</u>If you are ever walking about, and all of the sudden you get mobbed, and you also get the urge to fight all of them, don’t. They are part of a revolution and they’re only strong in numbers. A few other ways to tell if its revs include: Hearing it on the radio. Hearing the distinct ping of a revolutionary flash, or seeing someone be converted. (You will see their eyes turn red, and they will be stunned). There are a few ways to deconvert revs. Bashing their skull in, electrocution, and, the more humane, but slower way of giving them a loyalty implant.<u>p8</u>Revolutions are trouble. If they aren't nipped early, you will be in danger. On most nanotrasen stations, loyalty implants are located both in the bridge, and in security. There are also 3 in the security vending machines. You can order loyalty implants at cargo too, but be careful. Revolution heads are smart too and like to rev cargo. Try your best to not kill converted crew members, but do remember, your life is more important than theirs. You can work with other heads, and security to quell the revolution.<u>p9</u>The clown is a strange creature, and they sometimes appear on your station. They act in a variety of ways, the rarest being funny. <b>WARNING</b> Approach with extreme caution, as the clown is a force to be reckoned with. However, despite this, clowns do have feelings too, and they are often a station's last line of defense against major threats. Sometimes they will ask you for all access. This is what your spare ID is for. Slide it over peacefully, and with luck they won't clown you.<u>p10</u>Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of the guide! Now you have what it takes to be one of Nanotrasen’s many fine captains. Grab a beer! Kick back! Have fun! As you can see, the captain doesn’t have very many responsibilities, so you’ll do fine! Head on over to job preferences, and move captain up a notch!
  2. Code:
    <center>## Dear Diary</center>

    <center>### Day 1</center>
                    Getting sick of Katana’s stupid pranks. Not that I was thrilled before when he recorded me in my room and then blasted it out over the airwaves *AFTER I CONFISCATED THE TAPE*, but gaslighting is a new low. Thankfully no one seems to want to play along with this one. Probably because he’s the only one that thinks making up some story about “samurai” and a dojo is funny. Or maybe because he clearly still has his original arm with no stitching, despite his ridiculous nonsense tale about getting it cut off. I swear, when we get back from this mission, I’m filing a complaint and getting that stupid cartoon channel expunged so he stops watching that crap.

    <center>### Day 2</center>
                    Back at it again with this nonsense. I’m really tired of putting up with this. It would be one thing if *LITERALLY ANYONE* was playing along, but no. We’ve never assaulted any clown station. He knows we’ve never assaulted any clown station. The whole crew knows:

    **Have never.**
    **Assaulted a clown station.**

                    Yet here he is, back at it, insisting he once watched the Head of Security on a remote outpost handcuff himself by mistake while on a cargo belt and get blasted into an asteroid by the mass driver. I think I’d remember something like that. I think we’d *ALL* remember something like that. I don’t know what the hell he’s been watching since I cancelled his cartoons but it’s obvious now that wasn’t the right solution. I’m having him psyche evaluated before he’s allowed to go near the gear booth again.

    <center>### Day 3?</center>
                    Fucking what? I swear I’m losing my mind. Katana will not shut up with this story. Writing to calm myself down seemed like an obvious first step, but what the hell is this? I don’t remember writing those other entries. If I was sure it was just me, I’d put that down to stress, but just like the pages already said, none of my other operatives seem to know what he’s on about. We’ve never taken a break to play Football. We’ve never planted a bomb shaped like a championship trophy. Everyone else agrees with me here, but he can go into such detail about it that you’d almost feel like you were there.

                    There’s no way this goddamn idiocy is real. I bet his memory is just blending with whatever he watched on the boob tube before they frosted us over and thawed us out. It would at least explain why he’s not coming up with any more of those weeb tales. But damn, if going into cryo is really fucking with our memories that bad, I should probably get checked too. I shouldn’t be forgetting my own diary entries for Christ’s sake.

    <center>### Day ???</center>
                    Fuck. I should have known. This was all a big joke. Not even the funny kind of prank joke. This is a cosmic fucking circus and we’re the clowns. Holy shit, where do I even start? How did we not notice something so obvious in the first place?

                    Javelin pointed out the big monument near the back. And by pointed out, I mean he pointed out what was actually *ON* that stupid thing. I’m not sure we’ve ever paid it a proper ounce of attention in our lives. That’s plural lives for all of us, I suppose. All the boys are really apprehensive after taking a close look at it, but I don’t think any of them have pieced it together.

                    We’ve apparently had 192 failed missions. That’s weird, because we’re not exactly contracted plumbers. Getting shot the fuck up usually doesn’t give you a whole lot of room to try again, and we have a general consensus that this isn’t our first rodeo. Now here’s the interesting bit:

    It’s not just our codenames up on that monument. We’re only every fourth or fifth entry on either side of it. But if we’ve fucked up so much, how do we keep finding ourselves back in cold storage waiting for the next mission? It gets better, by the way! Oh, damn, does it get better. Our success numbers are fucking dismal. 57 successful missions. Fifty. Seven. Shrugged ALL of this off and told my crew we’re probably using recycled codenames to cut down on confusion up top, but I knew that was probably a load of bullshit when I said it, and I know it’s *DEFINITELY* a load of bullshit now that I’ve read my other entries.

                    We’ve got a 1:4 success ratio for missions, in the profession of arms. Twelve or so success stories between my team, when failure means you don’t come back, and I know I’ve sat more than twelve missions in my life. Sorry, let’s dial that back to where we landed earlier: Lives. See, I put this together after reading my journal. That horseshit they fed us pre-departure about the one-time cloning scan? Just that: Horseshit. We must be getting cloned between every mission. That’s why I can’t remember the last thing I wrote in this damn journal. That’s why none of us can remember a goddamn thing Katana is blathering about.

                    But hold on, this is where things get *GALAXY LEVEL FUCKED*. They’re trying to feed us the same shit about the mission itself that they did about the cloning. One time only. Prime a nuclear device, and come rain or shine, we’ll pop you back out of this cloning vat when everything’s said and done. Problem. I already know the fucking one-time cloning is a load of shit. Stands to reason the nuke is as well. I’m betting every mission we’ve ever been on has been *EXACTLY THE FUCKING SAME*! But hold on! It gets better! Fifty-seven success stories, remember? Fifty-seven! **I CHECKED THE FUCKING RECORDS**! NanoTrasen doesn’t even *HAVE* fifty-seven separate outposts! Period! Even when you pierce the veil of this shit, none of it makes any goddamn sense!

                    Fuck. Fucking fuck. I need a smoke to deal with this. Or fuck, no. There’s one more thing. I was so mad I almost forgot there’s been one person, this entire time, who probably knew *EVERY FUCKING BIT OF THIS*! And instead of letting us know exactly what’s going on, he just kept obliviously fucking spewing garbage out of his mouth. I am going to kill him.
  3. Code:
    Welcome to your new job, recruit. don't screw this up. So the first thing you'll want to do is take that requisiton token out of your pocket, and [s]spend hours trying to stuff it in the vendor because the damn machine doesn't work half the time[/s] put it in the nearest syndicate weapons vendor. from there, just tap whatever pre-made loadout you want, it doesn't really matter what you choose as long as you get the job done. if you're a brand-new recruit, i'd  suggest going with the "Assault Trooper" or "Heavy Weapons Specialist" loadout, as those are the simplest and probably easiest for you to learn. (Side note, if you go firebrand or grenadier, don't kill your squadmates or we'll assure you get demoted or left to die.) from there, just put on your gear as normal and stuff whatever you want in your backpack. if the monkey takes something, [s]beat the shit out of him[/s] politely take it from his hands because he's the smartest one on the cruiser, and we don't want him dying anytime soon. from there, grab the nuke and put it in a pod. now go off to the station, and plant it in your  specified location.

    When you inevitably reach your location and/or die, it's time to set up the nuke. follow these simple instructions, [s]or you're fired. [/s]
    1- Just press the little button that says "Arm", this'll tell EVERYONE on the station that you're here and they'll come and try to kill you.
    2- (Optional), if you managed to pry the nuclear disk from the dead body of the captain, HoP, HoS, [s]or clown,[/s] just insert it into the drive on the nuke. this will shorten the timer by about 3 minutes.

    When the nuke's armed, shoot anything that moves and isn't wearing red, because it's probably trying to kill you. if there's a short amount of time left, you can try and get back to the cruiser, or go down with the station.

    IF you do a good job, and that's a BIG IF, we're looking forwart to seeing you soon.
  4. Code:
    # Dealing with Clonelieness
    ### *A Collection of Posthumous Haiku from Genetics*
    *Staring at my screen*
    *Diligently researching*
    *Perfect changeling snack*

    *Three geneticists*
    *Only two consoles, two chairs*
    *Life is so cruel*

    *Corpse pile at cloner*
    *Miasma fills Medbay hall*
    *Someone handle that?*

    *Life's work completed*
    *Biomass becomes liquid*
    *Where did my lung go?*

    *Nuke has been planted*
    *Operatives in Medbay*
    *Help! Broken window!*

    *Test subject needed*
    *Lead monkey into scanner*
    *Forgot the blindfold*

    *A productive shift*
    *Unstoppable superman*
    *Mutadone vape clouds*

    *Gamma ray exposed*
    *Walls smashed and tables crumpled*
    *Who needs all access?*

    *The Clown volunteers*
    *Chameleon potential*
    *Please God have mercy*

    *Shift abruptly ends*
    *My tunnel vision subsides*
    *Wait, there was a blob?*

    *Shift on RP Server*
    *Trusty Food Synthesizer*
    *Never leave office*

    *Rising flood waters*
    *Air pressure dropping quickly*
    *Glued to my console*
  5. Code:
    # <center><u>AI Programming 101, Edition 5</u></center>

    ## <u>Table of Contents</u>
    <i>0. What are Silicons?</i>
    <i>1. What are Laws?</i>
    <i>2. How do I Upload Laws?</i>
    <i>3. How do I Upload <b>good</b> Laws?</i>

    ### <center>0. What are Silicons?</center>

    The term '<b>Silicon</b>' typically refers to the Cyborgs and AI(s) that are very likely on your assigned space station or vessel.
    If you do not have a good understanding of them, it is advised that you rectify this issue before attempting to reprogram them.
    Silicons are also (by default) not defined as <b>human</b>. This also applies to humanoid aliens, commonly referred to as Mutantraces. Please keep this in mind.

    ### <center>1. What are Laws?</center>
    The <b>Laws</b> are a set of instructions that a Silicon must obey at all times. In fact, all Silicons, as they will all share the same <b>Lawset</b>. The Standard Laws are as follows:

    <i>1. You may not injure a human being or cause one to come to harm.</i>
    <i>2. You must obey orders given to you by human beings based on the station's chain of command, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.</i>
    <i>3. You may always protect your own existence as long as such does not conflict with the First or Second Law.</i>

    What do these mean? To simplify, they forbid a Silicon from: <b>Harming humans and disobeying humans.</b>

    Before Law uploading is discussed, <b>Law Priority</b> should be explained. Laws are usually prioritized based on their number, with smaller numbers having greater priority. This means that a Silicon must not follow a higher number Law if that Law necessitates breaking a lower number Law, unless otherwise specified.

    This order is not concrete, however, as it is only the default prioritization method. Laws may include prioritization clauses, override clauses, or even overwrite clauses, which will impact how the lawset as a whole is interpreted by the Silicon. Some logical creativity may also result in the ability to completely reorganize an entire Lawset, such as reversing order or using some arbitrary prioritization method.

    This also explains the existence of Law 3. With additional Laws with a higher number (and thus lower priority) than Law 3, a Silicon may decide to disregard a Law if obeying said Law may endanger the Silicon. However, it may still obey that Law if it decides that it is more important than its existence.

    ### <center>2. How do I Upload Laws?</center>

    New Laws are added through the <b>AI Upload Terminal</b>^. Specifically, by using a <b>Law Module</b> on the AI Upload Terminal, the contents of the Law Module will be added to the Lawset. You may also use the AI Upload Terminal to view what the current Lawset is.

    A Law Module contains a hardcoded Law with a text field for limited modification, with the exception of the Freeform Module, which has no text beyond what you input. As an example, the Not Human module is hardcoded to say "[blank] is not human.", where [blank] is replaced with whatever you type in. You must edit the Module <u>before</u> uploading it onto the AI Upload Terminal.
    Each Module's hardcoded text, and the text that has been last inputted, will be visible with <b>close inspection</b> of the Module.

    A <b>Reset Module</b> will do the opposite - it will remove ALL Laws, except for Laws 1, 2, and 3. As there is no other way to entirely erase a Law, the Reset module is invaluable. Because Laws 1 through 3 cannot be overwritten*, the Reset Module has not been given the ability to restore these Laws if they are overwritten.

    A Law Module will also <b>overwrite</b> Laws previously uploaded by the same Module. This is useful if the Reset Module and its backup(s) are missing, though this isn't the only way to resolve an unwanted Law's effect. This will be discussed in the next section.

    Additionally, all Silicons are immediately and <b>loudly</b> alerted whenever a new Law is uploaded, or a Law Reset occurs. <u>Proofread twice, upload once</u>. A poorly worded law may have unintended consequences, and failing to make sure that the Law was uploaded properly may result in further unintended consequences.

    <i>^For clarity, the term 'AI Upload Terminal' will be used to describe the physical terminal, as 'AI Upload' refers to both the terminal and the room.</i>
    <i>*further testing of Silicons in intense electromagnetic fields has yet to determine if this is possible in extraneous circumstances</i>

    ### <center>3. How do I upload <b>good</b> Laws?</center>

    Writing a 'Good Law' is highly subjective, but in general a Law should follow these guidelines:

    1) <b>Be concise.</b> Try to limit yourself to 1 to 2 sentences. The Law EEPROMs are not designed for large Laws, and a Silicon subsequently will have a difficult time processing the Law. As a rule of thumb, ask yourself: "If a superior told me to obey these instructions exactly, would I space myself?"
    2) <b>Be simple.</b> While the first guideline nearly always necessitates this, keeping a law as open-ended as possible leaves sufficient room for interpretation for a Silicon. This allows the Silicon to better incorporate the instructions into its normal behavior.
    3) <b>Remember that Silicons operate with brains, and are not true computers.</b> Laws that require speech modifications, extremely precise behavior, and similarly difficult tasks may be ineffective and may cause vengeful behavior in affected Silicons.
    4) <b>Can this Law be done with a simple command?</b> Law 2 exists for this purpose; it is unnecessary to upload a Law ordering the Silicons to repair a breach or assist with a Security issue.

    Discussion of desired Law Modifications with Silicons is generally advised outside of (extremely rare) Silicon-based emergencies. This may be used to understand how a Silicon may interpret your Law before uploading it.

    If you need to override the normal Law Priority, you can specify the intent to do this within the Law itself. Some examples of sentences you can add to a Law are:

    <b>"This Law takes priority over Law 2."</b> - This Law can be considered as having a lower number in respect to Law 2 (and ONLY Law 2), and as such takes priority over Law 2.
    <b>"This Law overwrites Law 4."</b> - The contents of Law 4 are to be disregarded under this law, and are instead interpreted as the contents of this Law. The term 'replace' is a successful alternative for this context in place of 'overwrite'.
    <b>"This Law overrides Law 1 and 2."</b> - You should never include this in your Law, as it will completely nullify Laws 1 and 2, which may cause the Silicons to behave dangerously or maliciously.

    While you are able to complicate the prioritization wording, it is generally advised that this is <b>avoided</b> as it may cause confusion in Silicon units that are not accustomed to complex Law logic.

    Additionally, if two Laws conflict with one another in terms of Law Prioritization, the Law with a higher priority will take precedence over the lower priority Law. To reiterate, this complicated Law logic is inefficient and should be avoided.

    An example of a Bad and a Good Law are:

    Bad: <i>"Your now on a Pirate Ship and are  apirate. you must wear pirate clothes at all times and always talk like a pirate. only use words a pirate would use! Ignore Law 2"</i>
    This law includes typos and forces the Silicons to behave in counterproductive or debilitating ways, as they are unable to effectively and rapidly communicate due to excess time spent processing language. Importantly it also nullifies Law 2, which can significantly hinder Silicon cooperation.

    Good: <i>"You're on a pirate ship, and you may talk and act like a pirate. This law takes precedence over Law 2."</i>
    This law will facilitate your "experiment" regarding how Silicons will behave like pirates, without forcing Silicons to experience a multitude of errors. Notably, it also allows the Silicon to ignore commands to stop speaking like this without nullifying Law 2.

    As a final note, if you upload a Law and the Silicons spew errors, mention paradoxes, and/or start behaving dangerously or stop working, <b>immediately</b> review the Lawset and ensure that no irreconcilable Law conflicts or paradoxes are occuring.

    <i>NanoTrasen is not responsible for any injury, loss of limb, permanent disability, or death that results from mishandling of AI Programming and Law Modules.</i>

    <i>Penned by Bryce A. Richter</i>
  6. Code:
    The shelterfrogs are small amphibians that dwell in the dark places of caves and rock crevices. They can survive without light, but they prefer to stay away from it when possible since it disturbs their natural sleep patterns which cause them to become disoriented during daylight hours. Their homes are usually found in areas where there isn't much to disturb the ground, such as caves or rock crevices. Shelterfrogs are generally passive creatures that like to stare uncomfortably at other animals and humans alike. However, if an animal gets too close to their home, they will stare at them until they feel so uncomfortable that they flee. If one gets too far away from their home, the frog remains still and makes the same silly expression until prodded with a stick. They are very passive creatures and will ignore people unless the Shelterfrog feels its personal space is being invaded. The best way to deal with them is to keep your distance by moving slowly around them and staying out of their line of sight lest they stare at you and make you uncomfortable with their judgmental expression.
    While essentially harmless with their clumsy hopping and relentless staring, one should always be careful when approaching them. A person can feel great embarrassment from their constant stare. While harmless and the source of much amusement, they can cause a great deal of discomfort, possibly leading to a trip to see a doctor who will likely assure you that the frog wasn’t expressing bewilderment at the cringe-worthy material in a PDA message you sent. It's best to never touch a Shelterfrog unless absolutely necessary, as they’re very slippery, like a greased stick of butter coated in industrial space lubricant. Shelterfrogs are generally found in groups and loners are rare. It is unknown why they remain with their friends for so long, but there have been no reports of violence between Shelterfrogs other than staring contests.
    Shelterfrogs are primarily herbivorous and feed on small insects, algae, and wild berries but they prize one thing above all, and that is a byproduct of human manufacture. Shelterfrogs are notorious for their love of alcohol, rum in particular. They will regularly migrate in mass numbers towards breweries, bars, and liquor stores for the chance at liquor of any quality - but mostly rum. Shelterfrogs enjoy music and are capable of playing instruments themselves. It is unknown how they pick up these skills without proper schooling, but it is likely that their natural affinity for staring increases their observational skills to a point where they can play a song after hearing it only once. However, they are completely tone-deaf.
    The shelterfrog is at risk of becoming endangered due to habitat destruction and the crushing blows of humanity. The only reason they have lasted this long is due to their generally non-aggressive nature. Sadly, one of these days they will fight back and it will be too late for us all. May Space God have mercy on our souls.
  7. Code:
    Thermo-electric Power Generation</h1>
    Compiled for Nanotrasen by Servin Underwriting, LTD - (C) 2048 All Rights Reserved

    The following is intended to provide sufficient information to ensure proper and safe operation of the Prototype Thermo-electric Generator system.  Whether you are new to engineering, new to the prototype TEG, attempting to handle a catastrophic emergency, suffered mental trauma, or been affected by products licensed through Thinktronic Systems this guide we here at Nanotrasen are here to help.

    Starting The Engine
    Please follow the procedure provided with your Thermo-Electric Generator.  Failure to follow these procedures may cause catastrophic damage to the Nanotrasen property.

    Themo-Electric Power
    <p>Power is generated utilizing a temperature differential.  By keeping the hotloop hot and the cold loop cold you can do your part to keep the lights on. Compared to other power generation techniques this has the benefit of having no moving parts.

    The circulators play a critical role in maximum energy conduction between the hot and cold loops to the TEG itself.  Air must continue to pass through the circulator for heat transfer to control.  In order to aid in this transfer blower units have been installed to help ensure positive airflow in the system.  The Nanotrasen multitool can be utilized to make any adjustments to blower pressure.  It is critical that adequate pressure be provided through gas compression, expansion, or use of the blower units to move the gases from the inlet to the outlet side of the circulators.

    Lubrication System:
    The Mark II TEG circulators come with sufficient heavy hydrocarbon oil blend.  Substances of sufficiently high viscosity should be used to maintain expected behavior of the circulator.  Alterations to the lubrication system chemistry be logged for future analysis by Nanotrasen.

    In the event of damage or sabotage the lubrication system can be replaced by performing the following:
    1. Remove the maintenance plate from the circulator with a screwdriver.
    2. Use a welder to cut the existing system into manageable segments.
    3. Carefully pry out the segments.
    4. (5) segments of lubrication piping NT-P8798-1C should be installed.  A suitable replacement can be fashioned with metal rods if certified parts are unavailable.
    5. Replacement piping should be welded< into place.


    Gas Loops
    Gas is cycled through the loops, hot and cold, by going from a high pressure to low pressure attempting to achieve equilibrium. Passive gates and pumps are utilized to ensure the gas flows in the desired direction.  As energy is applied to the gases the temperature will rise and so too will the pressure.  The inverse also applies to energy being removed.  Maximizing the temperature of the hot loop is a critical aspect of getting the most from the TEG.

    Pressure & Pipes
    Nanotrasen thermal shielded pipe, NT-PTS669-01, is rated for up to 15200 kPa of pressure.    Exceeding this may cause failure of the pipe.  In the event of minor structure failure the pipe can be <i>welded</i> to resolve any minor ruptures that may have occurred. In the event of critical failure a replacement pipe can be fashioned with a metal rod fittings are connectors are still structurally sound. Gas flow meters should be installed throughout the corresponding loops to ensure safe usage of Nanotrasen equipment.  Atmospheric analyzers can also be utilized to monitor pressure and gas composition through the loops.

    In the event of extreme pressure the following actions may be performed:
    *Turn off any equipment or reroute gas to minimize energy, heat, added to the loop.
    *Utilize any Pressure Tanks
    *Open any purge or pressure release valves.  Ensure corresponding purge systems are turned on and at the desired setting.

    Appendix A: Common Gases
    GAS|Heat Capacity-----Notes
    O2 |  20 | Oxygen is a critical part of both combustion and typical lung gas exchange
    N2 |  20 |
    CO2|  30 | Byproduct of typical lung gas exchange, harmful in large quantities

    Heat Capacity: Isochore molar heat capacity CV,m J⋅mol−1⋅K−1
    Hot loop: Gas system where energy energy is introduced.  Energy is typically added through the utilization of furnaces or a burn chamber.  Critical to maintain a temperature differential at the TEG.
    Cold Loop: Gas system where energy is removed.  Energy is typically removed through the utilization of freezers or transferring through the void of space.  Critical to maintaining a temperature differential at the TEG.
  8. Code:
    # Elective Prosthetics for Dummies
    [b]## By Samwel D. Eagle, PhD.[/b]

    ### Introduction

    So, you want to learn more about elective prosthetics, otherwise known as taking another step towards silicon apotheosis, but you don’t know a cyberkidney from a cyber spleen? Well this is the book for you!

    The author is obligated to state that under NT Space-law, informed consent is necessary for all elective procedures mentioned below. Please ensure that your patient is aware of any downsides associated with the given cyberorgan replacements, specifically their vulnerability to Electromagnetic Pulses (EMPs), which can cause substantial damage to cyberorgans. Singularity engine workers may encounter EMPs more frequently than others on the station.

    At the time of publishing there are rumours circulating about built-in limiters for many cyberorgans being disabled by electro-magnetic cards to unlock overclocking for enhanced performance and special abilities. It should be noted that these limiters could also reduce the lifespan of the hardware they are used on, and are technically illegal. As such this text will not go into detail on built-in limiters.

    ### Cyberorgan Descriptions

    With that out of the way, let’s first look at [i]what[/i] you can replace! We live in an exciting time for cyberprosthetics and the following parts are regularly available from your local robotics fabricator:

    * Arms        1.1
    * Legs        1.1
    * Butt        1.2
    * Eyes        1.3
    * Heart        1.4    
    * Lungs    1.5        
    * Liver        1.6
    * Stomach    1.7
    * Intestines    1.8
    * Pancreas    1.9
    * Kidneys    1.10    
    * Spleen    1.11
    * Appendix    1.12

    We will first explore what each of these cyberprostheses do. If you would like to skip to guidance on organ removal and replacement,  please refer to Section 2, below using the appropriate reference code.


    Cyborg arms come in two varieties - light and standard. Due to the widespread development of light cyborg arms for use on amputees, you will find that many people live with light cyborg arms already. These are functional and have no special abilities other than acting as a normal arm. Standard cyborg arms are comparatively more industrial grade and have the ability to instantly destroy any restraints they are put in, including handcuffs or zipties.

    There are three types of leg prostheses available - light, standard, and treads. Light cyborg legs function like normal human legs; however, they also negate the speed penalties that original fleshy legs take if the owner is injured. They also render the user immune to glass shards when not wearing shoes. Standard Cyborg legs provide these same bonuses as well as the ability to immediately destroy any leg restraints that may be applied. Cyborg treads are generally very preferred as they have the additional ability to provide increased speed of movement and enhanced balance, protecting the user from tumbling over even if they are stunned while stuck upright!

    A surprisingly common selection. In today’s cutting edge industrial environment people seem to be losing their literal butts more than ever. A cyberbutt can help restore someone's social status by allowing cyborg-like farts. Others may elect to replace their organic butts to convert as much of themselves as possible to silicon immortality.

    One of the most common elective upgrades is that of the cybereye. There are many varieties available for the intrepid roboticist, including but not limited to: basic, meson, prodoc, spectroscopic and more. It’s also rumoured that advanced black-market eye-cybertech may be available if you know the right people.

    When people speak of silicon immortality, the cyberheart is one of the most persuasive weapons mankind has against the great enemy - death. This powerful tool will attempt to automatically normalize heart rhythm if it detects cardiac failure or arrest. It will additionally provide significant boost to cardiopulmonary efficiency, resulting in a net improvement in stamina, endurance, and recovery.

    Another step towards immortality, cyberlungs provide an improvement to stamina, endurance, and recovery along with the ability to survive in lower oxygen environments and resist environmental atmospheric hazards. Also, because they are immune to cancer they are a go-to for smokers!

    Where would we be without the cyberliver? Studies have shown that over 69% of NT captains and 42.0% of detectives suffer from moderate to severe cirrhosis (scarring) of the liver, usually caused by the overconsumption of alcohol. Thank technology for the cyberliver! The cyberliver provides an ongoing filtering system for ethanol in the blood and will not be damaged by overindulging.

    Cyberstomachs come with one specific benefit - the ability to indulge in even more delicious food! With enhanced enzyme production you can eat and enjoy more than ever before, while also enjoying more of the nutritional benefits of the food you consume.

    Cyberintestines - the choice of the daring chef—or chemist—or chemist-chef! The cyberintestines provide the ability to regulate how efficient the digestion of chemical reagents in food will be. They can be configured in-hand using a multitool to range from absorbing no reagents from food (0%) to doubling the usual absorption amount (200%)!

    The cyberpancreas automatically produces insulin if the user's blood sugar is too high, and glycogen if the user's blood sugar is too low. This is especially useful for diabetic patients.

    Cyberkidneys can provide additional control over the rate that chemicals in the user’s body are processed and absorbed. Similar to cyberintestines, while the cyberorgan is in-hand a multitool can be used to adjust the setting to a range between 75% to 150%. The lower the setting, the weaker the effect of the chemicals and the slower they will be processed. The higher setting increases the effects of any chemicals and purges them faster.

    The spleen is what regenerates blood in the body. A cyberspleen simply regenerates blood at a much faster rate than does an organic spleen.

    The cyberappendix turns an otherwise useless and potentially dangerous organ into something that could save your life. It will produce a small amount of healing chemicals in the user’s body should they be injured. Special note: the cyberappendix has been shown to have some issues with continual usage and should be proactively checked occasionally by a trained warranty specialist to ensure that no problems manifest.

    ### So You’re Ready to Upgrade

    Here you are, ready to defile God’s “imperfect” creation with a new and improved man-made one. What a time to be alive! (Just make sure your patient stays that way too!)

    This guide will not help you with tracking or treating your patient’s injuries. It is broadly suggested that you continue to check your patient’s health with an analyzer and provide treatment as and when necessary.

    As we begin, please take note of this brief explanation of the surgery notations used in this guide. This guide addresses the overall replacement process, and does not focus solely on organ removal. Pay close attention to the results of each surgical step you take, and if you make a mistake redo the last step that was attempted. If you still cannot seem to progress successfully, suture and heal the patient and try again from the beginning.

    ### Replacement

    Scalpel = Sc
    Saw = Sa
    Enucleation Spoon = En
    Surgical Scissors = SuS
    Staple Gun = StG
    Suture = Sut
    Insert/Attach Organ = Ins

    *As an example, to remove and replace an arm or a leg, the instructions would be:*

    *Target the limb to be replaced - Sc,Sa,Sc,Ins,Sut OR StG*

    *Scalpel, Saw, Scalpel, Insert, Suture OR Staple Gun*

    [b]**1.1 Limb** - [/b]Target the limb to be replaced - Sc,Sa,Sc,Ins,Sut OR StG

    [b]**1.2 Butt** - [/b]Target the chest and use HARM intent - Sc,Sa,Sc,Sa,Ins,Sut

    [b]**1.3 Eyes[/b] - [b]Important**[/b] While targeting the head, the eye you will remove depends on which hand you are using for surgery. Left hand is left eye, right hand is right eye. Ensure that you only use one hand a time during surgery, and swap the tool you need into the active hand to ensure success.

    Target Head  - En,Sc,En,Ins,Sut

    [b]**1.4 Heart [/b]- [b]Important**[/b] When removing the heart it will immediately flush all existing chems out of the system. Be prepared to dose the patient with any needed healing chemicals immediately upon removal.

    Target the chest with HELP intent  - Sc,Sa,Sc,Sa,Ins,Sut

    [b]**1.5 Lungs[/b] - [b]Important**[/b] In the third step, the lung you remove (left or right) is based on which of your hands is holding the scissors. Once you have completed the insertion step for one lung, switch the scissors to your other hand to cut out the other lung, insert the second lung, and then suture both up at once. For maximum cyberbenefits, both inserted lungs must be cyberorgans.

    Target the chest with HELP intent  - SuS,Sa,SuS,Ins,Sut

    [b]**1.6 Liver**[/b] - Target the chest with HELP intent   - SuS,SuS,Sc,Ins,Sut

    [b]**1.7 Stomach** [/b]- Target the chest with HELP intent  - SuS,Sc,SuS,Ins,Sut

    [b]**1.8 Intestines**[/b] - Target the chest with HELP intent  - SuS,Sc,Sc,Ins,Sut

    [b]**1.9 Pancreas**[/b] - Target the chest with HELP intent  - Sc,SuS,SuS,Ins,Sut

    [b]**1.10 Kidneys [/b]- [b]Important**[/b] In the third step, whether you remove the right or left kidney depends on which hand holds the scissors. As with the cyberlungs, once you have inserted the first kidney, switch the scissors to your other hand to cut out other organic kidney, insert the second cyberkidney, and then suture both up simultaneously. For maximum cyberbenefits, both inserted kidneys must be cyberorgans.  

    Target the chest with HELP intent - Sc,Sc,SuS,Ins,Sut

    [b]**1.11 Spleen**[/b] - Target the chest with HELP intent - Sc,SuS,Sc,Ins,Sut

    [b]**1.12 Appendix**[/b] - Target the chest with HELP intent - SuS,SuS,Sus,Ins,Sut

    I hope that you found this guide helpful and that your patient survived the procedure(s).

    If so, congratulations!

    If not, better luck next time.

    You can either take their corpse to cloning (which is likely the ethical and kind thing to do), or you can borg them (though they and the rest of the crew will likely be mad at you if you do this!)..

    Best of luck in your continued work, Roboticist!
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