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ss13 in a virtual machine
anyone succeeded running goonstation reliably with a virtual machine? i want to spend most of my life in a linux environment yet would like to hop on goon every once in a blue moon w/out dual-booting.

i'm running kvm/qemu hypervisor with ubuntu 18.04 LTS. here are my results:

windows xp vm: byond runs, but any and all ss13 servers crash as soon as they load. firewall and antivirus off. managed to load and play a few minutes of the 2nd most popular byond game. weird.

windows 7 vm: byond runs, goonstation loads, but most sprites are missing. unplayable.

windows 10 vm: byond runs, goonstation loads, but LAG! 200ms ping. i've read that some of you endure that normally but anything less than ~125ms ping is unplayable for me, ss13 is already choppy as hell by nature. besides the lag, performance seems OK.

conclusion: going back to dual-boot winblows.

WINE note: i've read over and over that it's sluggish (and unplayable, i assume).

anyone else succeed running ss13 in a VM? maybe with a different hypervisor than kvm/qemu? i'm all ears.
My internet connection fluctuates a lot especially at peak hours on weekends, with ping at 300-600, game is still strangely playable, but I'm used to it, I mostly play much more relaxed jobs then such as QM, botanist, scientist. I have two different save slots with jobs suited to what time it is, one dedicated to action based jobs/antags for when my pings back at a nice 60-110, and one for when ping goes to shit, with jobs/antags to suit it.

You get used to the choppy movement after a while, sometimes when its really bad it can get annoying, especially during fights or when a lotta stuffs happening on screen (the nuke area, wizard arse narthing a area, a chem bomb), but if you play antags which you can fuck with the station from afar (Mindslaves and Syndiborgs are great for this, setting up mousetrap+pipebombs, mechcomp traps, sleepy penning, wraith bussiness), its not too bad. Heck I miss selected my preferences and ended up as a Headrev it still went pretty well, I just left the sec raiding and bridge looting to my lackys while i converted more of the station with some stealth.
Byond was made with shitty connections in mind so yeah even if you got 600 ping you will still be able to play the games on it. Mostly.
I use parallels on my Mac running the free version of Windows 10, it runs pretty decently. But lag like you said can be a problem so playing it away from home is a no-go.

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