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Laurenfoustfan09 banned by Varshie
Welded arrivals shut and stopped a number of people from making it to the escape shuttle. You weren't online to talk to, so let's discuss it over on our forums.
i welded the arrival doors shut thinking this was the escape shuttle and 
using rule 10 (its hard to tell where you are on ss13 maps)
rule 1
id like to play on goonstation im sorry i understand i shouldn't have done what i did and i wont do it again
Hi there! Thank you for submitting an appeal.

Messing with the arrivals shuttle in any way is really not acceptable, but as you are fairly new I'm willing to believe that this particular incident was an honest mistake. However, in the last week you have accumulated a number of notes for bad behavior. So before I'm happy to lift this ban I would like you to first take another look at our rules.

Let me know when you have done that and we can move this forward.
ok ive read rules thank you for understanding my mistake
Lifted, please don't let this happen again. Have fun!

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