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Myth Mcmullen Security Profile
Record #7567
Name: Myth Mcmullen
Occupation: NT Enforcer/General worker

An NT enforcer who does general work on some shifts, Myth joined up quite recently with an fake record we have provided, the general crew is not to be made aware of this record. Myth is a special case recruited out of a prison, reportedly captured after attempting to raid an cargo ship with an mercenary company calling themselves the Shadow Syndicate. They engaged in battle with the on board forces, both sides taking heavy casualties, survivors of the mercenary force reporting themselves as working for the Syndicate to attack the cargo ship, they report that they were meant to receive reinforcements but never did. Most of the force was summarily executed besides a few, one was Myth who seemed to be a special case, not fully understanding what was happening and not seeming fully mentally stable. He demonstrated a decent show of skill in tests but could not seem to remember much, this was deducted down to being hit in the head by the debris when a breach was made in the ship. Due to general memory loss and retaining skills we have decided to recruit him after an operation to keep him loyal to keep costs down on NTSO hiring. The operation will have an chip implanted in his brain that activates on the phrase "Good soldiers follow orders" or when it is needed. The chip will force him to think and do what will be best for NT, the chip and him himself are not infallible but it should keep him as loyal as possible. He will be kept under watch for if he attempts to do anything violent or against NT, if he is found to betray our trust he will be quietly brought away from the station without revealing his origin or allowing him to do damage and sent back for more operations and execution if necessary.

Threat level: Medium, as long as he stays loyal to us he will not be a threat but if he works against us he has the skill set to cause damage to the station and others.

Procedures: If the subject is found to have his loyalty swaying, attempt to say directly to him the phrase "Good soldiers follow orders" If it does not calm him down assume damage to the inhibitor or possible enemy interference. Attempt to bring him in non lethally but if there is no chance to execute him with extreme prejudice and send his corpse to centcomm after ensuring he is dead.


If you were not allowed to view this, please report to centcomm for your exec- promotion.

I'm not great at writing and half of this is clone wars references lol.

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