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What's your favourite role to roll antagonist for, and why?
Title says it all really! I've returned after a long time away (glad to be back, I've missed the place (Haven't missed the duck photo as much, mind kitty face )) and I've been wondering something. I've noticed that some roles are just better suited to me personally if I roll an antagonist. For example, I love being an antag roboticist because dragging bodies through robotics isn't exactly unheard of and also gives you a bit of a cover story if something goes wrong. 

What would you consider to be your favourite roles to run antagonist for?
Wraith because of it's ability to roam completely undetected and fuck with people behind the scenes

Next to that would be wiz because of the creativity involved with choosing spell combinations
Blob would have to be my favorite i love the tower defense feel of it and having a real struggle and having to use logic to figure out where i'm going to move next how i'm going to stop a rush is really fun for me.
I'd say Blob and Wraith are the ones I've enjoyed most. Haven't been able to try Wizard, WW, or Flockmind though.
hehe conspirator go brrrrrr
Wraith by far, but I'm in it less for the ability to silently fuck things up, and more so to (on RP) whisper stuff to people to make them angry or distressed or vengeful or even that one time I made someone's character break into tears by tormenting them about a past failure that haunts them!

im a good person : )
chef, love that butcher knife
My favorite role to roll antag on (as opposed to my favorite antag type) is clown.  You can get away with a lot of stuff as an antag clown if you can find the right balance of humor and deadliness!  I once murdered the captain with a c-saber and did it with such clownish style that the captain, after being cloned, demanded that security release me and give me my c-saber back.
Spy because it gives me more direct objectives and removes the stress of picking gear and putting together some plan/gimmick. You just wing it with what you have.
(02-26-2021, 01:56 PM)Katzen Wrote: Spy because it gives me more direct objectives and removes the stress of picking objectives and putting together some plan/gimmick. You just wing it with what you have.

Yeah Spy has a good "gameplay loop" in the form of

1. Get list
2. Weighing the risk of each task against the reward available
3. Pick which ones you want to go after and come up with plans on completing them
4. Repeat

And there's lots of ways to play it. I've done things like gotten into medbay or the brig to turn in/steal things using plain old role playing and doing things that give me reasons to be there without outing myself as spy. Try stealing someone's arm by offering to replace there's with something cool you found and they won't be the wiser. Or you can just use all the tools you get and brute force it

It also directly gives the crew reasons to want to stop you. It's a good mode.
I enjoy spy but I take too long doing sneaky spy stuff that the round ends before I even get going.
I like vamp because its just fun to ambush people and drink their blood and being able to hide in the shadows is fun for me.
Changeling is a classic and just being a weirdo DNA sucker is fun.
Nuke is fun because you can just go all out balls to the walls action shooty bang bang.
I can't really pick between these.
It's easier for me to pick the antags I hate.
Blob I just do NOT enjoy playing as. Probably for the same reason I don't enjoy playing RTS games much.
Gang Leader I don't like because you have to advertise and be the center of attention to lead your gang and Id rather be a sneaky nerd.
Scientist is fun, but sometimes things just dont go your way, some nerd takes toxins, while another nerd blows up chem. This is why I prefer mechanics as antag. Creating fun killtraps is awesome, or sometimes just fart traps.
I absolutely love nukies, it's fun with all the high-powered weapons and honestly, the fact that everyone's coming to kill you makes it more fun.

it also would open some interesting rp opportunities
nukies because I can play music
(03-01-2021, 09:41 PM)Sov Wrote: nukies because I can play music

How do I upvote on the forums?

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