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Rebalance ethanol's liver damage
Ethanol is insanely dangerous right now and on RP it is stopping people from visiting the barman at all. The regular drinks glass is enough to almost kill you if you pick something with a high decay. Ideally, people should be able to sit down in the bar and order multiple drinks and RP with each other. Adjusting ethanol's lethality should also improve the barman's role in that people will order things other than triple citrus.
Yeah, I guess it is too high. I felt like it was a month or two ago, but nobody seemed to complain about it when I checked so I didn't change it.
I feel like, the amount of alcohol you drink should be roughly proportional to real life in your ability to process it.

If the average round is roughly 60 minutes, and you adjusted that to an 8 hour work shift, that's about 7 and a half minutes real time to an hour in game time.

So, in the span of 7 to 8 minutes I think you should be able to handle 1-2 servings of alcohol* no problem, 3-5 should do a little damage but be fine as long as you don't keep drinking at that rate every 7-8 minutes, and more than that should start fucking you up way more.

*Servings should be proportional to type and units in it's traditional serving glass
A change like this would be fantastic for RP. I remember at the RP xmas party for example, at least a quarter of the crew needed liver transplants... It kind of gets in the way of wanting to roleplay getting drinks with your coworkers, lol. I've also witnessed a lot of barkeeps being frustrated at not being able to make anything Fun, as it will generally lead to people dying if they're not careful with what they lay out on the bar. Frank's suggestions sound great; I would honestly allow a little more than that before you start getting fucked up as each shift is technically at an accelerated timescale already.
I might be adjusting the way damage is dealt over the next few days to fine tune it so let me know if things feel off, but I think I have a decent and simple way to make liver damage to ethanol better so that it's less oppressive at lower amounts. Here is how it worked previously:

- no damage if under 25u of ethanol
- 0.25 damage if under 55u
- 1 damage if over 55u
- on overdose (100u) 50% randomly 1-3 damage to any of all of liver/kidneys each at 30% chance to hit.

* Note that the damage values here are for Liver damage, not tox damage dealt to the human.
** Those amounts of units were not really chosen by me, but they are sort of the values for drunkenness level that have always existed.


And here is going to be the altered formula (changes are bolded):

- no damage if under 25u of ethanol
- 0.15 damage if under 55u @ a rate of (amt/2)% per tick *
- 0.4 damage if over 55u @ a rate of (amt/2)% per tick
- on overdose (100u) 50% randomly 1-3 damage to organs Liver(10%), l_kidney(15%), r_kidney(35%).

* This means that if you have 40u of ethanol, then it would have a 20% chance to do 0.25 damage each tick.

The favoring of damage to one kidney over the other is to make corrective surgery a bit less of a hassle because you'll sort of get advanced warning of an issue with kidney failure because one will be giving you problems first, giving you more time to get to medical.
What about a 40u block for damage? Most mildly alcoholic drinks won't be a problem at all then. And singular shots should be mostly safe.

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