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Review of Conspiracy Objectives
I looked over the list of conspiracy objectives and noticed that at least some of them are, pretty meh, ignorable, or near impossible to acheive and can probably just be trashed. Likewise we could probably benefit from some fresh ideas for new (and practical) ones.

So I put together this simple survey to collect some feedback on the existing objectives.

Hoping to understand which of these you enjoy, which of these would you'd like to see removed, and if there are any objectives you have thought of that you might want to see added.

Responses are public, one response per player, you can still edit your responses after submitting.
Some of the ones (DnD, wrestling ring, drug ring, space commune) are ones that people find boring since they usually vary little from Actual Things People on RP do.

I like a lot of the more open freeform ones like moving departments, throwing parties, doing the murder mystery tea party; this conversation usually manges to get way down the line of reworking conspirator on the whole as an antag type, though. A lot of people are interested in higher-stakes, maybe more "violent" objectives and that also usually comes with requests for more tools to do that kind of stuff.

People also notoriously hate the "second bar/kitchen" obj for miscreants! It drives a sort of unhealthy un-laning for the RP servers since there's a bunch of Not Chefs suddenly trying to run a kitchen. I think a lot of these also just come down to how well they're actually being played, but in general less specificity is probably better since it gives lots of leeway to do Whatever. "Foresake NT" is a pretty good example of this, IMO.

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