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Admin that plays ms. Licorise (or however its spelt)
Events are on..Thursday at around 11:40~ PM the shift starts.\
Proceeeds to get AA from the "very friendly hop" (hops words) then spends the rest of the shift stealing things from sec and heads of staff selling or hiding them.

This contributes to self antagging as the antags on the station are not being delt with by sec thus resulting in multiple bombings and floodings of the Manta station which results in an early shuttle call by a very stressed out captain.
That's about it really, thanks. 

Time was 11:40 pm Thursday... 2/18/2021... Aka Feburary 18th, 2021.
Hello. I play Ms. Licorice. I'll explain what all happened here from two perspectives. My personal perspective and how I saw things happen and my administrator's perspective.

First off is from my own player's perspective. Few minutes after round start, I see the HoS is an acquaintance, someone I've played with a lot in the past and goof around with. Get into some disarm fights with the HoS, get arrested a couple times. Couple times I push the HoS into the armory door to open it, get blasted by a shotgun, disarm and steal the shotgun. Another time I pushed him into it and stole the phasers and ate the tasty tasty donut on the table. All in good fun, mostly messing with the HoS. All in all this took place less than 30 minutes into the round and nothing was happening traitor wise. I also at some point saw your sword on the ground and stole it, as any noble assistant would do. And I found an AA card on the floor somewhere else. No involvement with the HoP. Wasn't preventing security from dealing with anything as you put it.

I don't see an issue with any of this, personally. Nobody really got hurt other than myself getting shotgunned a few times.

Now let's explain it from my perspective as an administrator. As a team we've been cracking down on people griefing security. What would I personally consider griefing the security team? Anything that involves repeatedly harassing one or multiple members of security and preventing them from dealing with other situations. There is a line between what I would consider okay heckling of security and not okay and/or griefing.

Rushing in and eating all the donuts. Okay
Stealing a pair of sechuds from an open locker. Okay
Getting in and making a phone call from security's phone placing an order for pizza telling the chef security will pay for it. Okay
Getting in disarm fights with officers. Situational. Early round when nothing is happening? Okay. When things are going to hell and security is super busy? Not okay.
Looting a secoff whether they're fighting an antagonist or afk. Not okay
Hacking all the doors open to security. Not okay
Harassing security while they're trying to deal with arrests and shoving them/preventing them from arresting someone. Not really okay, possibly situational
Stealing security's equipment, tasers, batons, etc directly from the officers. Not okay

Under those criteria the only thing I did that I would consider questionable would be taking the shotgun and phasers.  Shotgun was returned when I got arrested once, phasers I sold to the first people that paid for them. None of that equipment was vital security equipment that they can't do their jobs without, such as tasers or batons. Phasers can be very easily earned off station.

If someone were to ahelp a staff assistant doing the exact things I did the harshest action I would take would be telling the staffie to either make sure they don't take it too far or knock it off if it gets out of hand. Most of the time things like this can be dealt with mid round with no admin intervention needed.

Overall all of this occurred before 30 minutes had passed into the round, most of it happened within the first 15. No traitors were actively being evil at this point, security was mostly lounging around the security office or nearby. Nothing prevented security from going about their business.

My last point to make is regarding your sword. I took your sword and hid it, telling you where to look to find it. Later in the round when things were going down I even went to retrieve it to help you. I helped you by fighting the traitor in the bridge, and I tried returning your sword later when I saw you actually needed it but you refused it, twice.

Hope this clarifies some things for you. Thanks for the feedback.
As an antag that round, I was playing slow, and I will admit that the round was getting boring. Licorice was having fun, and without her the round would have been a drag. At one point, she sold me a phazer, without knowing I was antag. However, despite nothing going on but a little bit of fun, the captain, who I assume is you, called the shuttle at the 30 minute mark because "Alot of people have AA, they can recall it", then you guarded the recall computer with security. If anything this was more greify then anything Licorice did, as you called the shuttle early for no reason, and made it impossible to recall. I did try to go in and recall it, with stimulants and a wrestling belt, but you, security, and everyone in there wouldn't let me. This includes Licorice. From the moment she realized I was a dangerous antag, she stopped "having fun" and started playing how your supposed to play in these situations. Infact, at one point I was beating you, the captain to death, and she ran in and forced me to back off. Nothing Licorice did that round was griefy, or with bad intentions. She was just playing as a greytider, which is a fun way to play this game.

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