Head of Security app from Arthur Holiday
Usual character name: Arthur Holiday
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Arthur holiday or Matheus.#7842
Recommended by (if applicable): Nil Souhel, Drago Kitterson, TTerc, Nefarious6th and RichardGere
Goon servers you play: Heisenbee most of the time and very rarely, Bombini or Sylvester.

Reason for application: 

Having a HOS or NTSO on the sec team really makes a big difference and even makes the round more enjoyable for everyone, I have seen times where security can't decided what to do with an antagonist or situations where the sec team is really unmotivated and usually a good hos/NTSO player can lift the the entire team's mood up and be helpful in situations of undecidedness, I also enjoy the mentor aspect of the role, I have taught sec players in the past and it was fun, I have also myself been taught a lot by other hos players and the position does help.

Security experience (300 word minimum):

I have been playing for 6 months, most of that time was spent as a security officer. while I didn't start playing security right away due to it kind of scaring me when I first started out, one day I decided to try it out and found out that it is much less scary than what it seemed like and to my surprise found out that I liked it alot, ever since then I have been playing security as my main job.

Some general stuff I have learned in my experience as a security officer:

 1) To be nice and fair to the crew and antags when it comes to arresting and to be quick with it, because having someone hold you and go through your stuff while you can't do anything isn't really the most fun experience for anyone, giving them their stuff back after it is also something that obviously should also be done.

2) A security team that communicates well and takes good care of each other and crew members usually results in more enjoyable games for everyone.

3) Security officer is not a role that should be played with powergaming in mind, stuff like picking sec for just the access and the weapons ruins security's reputation with the crew and is the sort of stuff  that makes the round less enjoyable for both the crew and for sec.

4)  There is no need to be very harsh with the antagonists, a lot of the time they will just be trying to do a gimmick and a sec officer will stop them, let the narrative play out a little, listen to what they have to say, interact with them, just have some fun with them and let them have some fun too, of course this dosen't apply to every antagonist but it is easy to differentiate between a rampager and someone trying to do something funny.

5) Most antagonist items shouldn't be used by a security officer, because they usually are made with killing in mind and a security officer's job isn't to kill and the gimmicky ones that aren't made to kill should be with the antagonist not an officer.

All in all I can say that security officer is the job I have had the most fun with and the one I have probably played the most, I like that it is a very team based role, wich has resulted in me making friends with and meeting many other security players with whom I have had great times and learned a bunch with.

Answer two or more of the following:

What advice would you give to other sec players? 

Not every criminal needs brig time, sometimes you can just put them on the ejection chute after searching them and let them go, especially if you have taken long while searching them for whatever reason. 

While this isn't a rule on the classic server, "be nice to the bad guy" is something you should understand the reasoning behind it being a rule on the RP server, antags have the potential to make the round more fun for everyone, so you don't need to kill them the second you find out about their antag status, of course sometimes it is worth it to kill an antag and I wouldn't be mad that a sec officer decided to borg a rampager or something like that.

Work with the crew, they aren't your enemies, so be nice and interact with them and they will surely be nice to you back, most of the crew only expect a sec officer to show up when they call for help on the radio and to put some effort into stopping dangerous antagonists, so it is not hard to get their trust by just doing your job. and having a crew that doesn't trusts/likes security is something you really want to avoid since it makes it less enjoyable and also harder to do your job.

What was one of your favorite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one) 

There was the time I helped Caroline Audibert(TTerc) build an animal shelter on the brig, by bringing in a locker filled with some of stations's critters.

What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players? 

A way for the armory to be closed after it has been opened, a button in the hos office that locks down the armory or a vote between sec officers like the one that is done to open it, but to close, it would both really nice.

Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer. 

Playing alone is always more difficult, it feels more menacing too, so I usually make a bigger effort to get help from crew members and even to help them against whatever antagonist it is that round, stuff like handing out flamers during blob rounds or sec huds during rev rounds, I have also used the mechanics lab to make thermal glasses in a round where a grinch was especially evil and gave them to crew members. Whenever I see we have a full sec team I get happy because it usually means we are going to have a great round, so I make sure to keep in touch with them over comms and help out each other as much as I can.

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):

What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?

Solving every security issue with words is a gimmick I have been wanting to try out, just talking and negotiating with antags and eventually coming up with peaceful solutions to problems.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):

 I have never been banned.
+1. Speaks for itself how everyone has been hounding Arthur to apply for HoS. Easily one of the best security officers on main. Always calm, always fair.
+1 From me, the fact that I managed to get HoS before Arthur always surprised me. Arthur is a good officer to work with even if you're not sec and often shows good judgement on how to handle whatever the universe throws at our little junkyard in space
I've seen you playing on both the classic and roleplay servers and you have definitely stood out to me as a competent officer. On top of that, you have a very well written application which covers things that I feel are important for someone interested in playing as the head of security. +1
Yes yes yes and yes a thousand times over! Arthur is also a great and fun officer and even player to have around in any round or situation! An absolutely amazing person and would more than make a wonderful HoS! +1
+1. I've managed to miss you whenever you're on the RP servers but have played a number of rounds with you on the Classics.

Had some pretty cool rounds including Revs and high-chaos, murder-y traitors with you; you were good at communicating, kept a cool head, and quick on your feet! I only hope to run into you more when you're on RP in the future!

Surprised you didn't apply sooner! I don't have more to say at this moment other than that you're consistently fantastic to work with and against, and I really enjoy and appreciate learning from you whenever I'm working with you! You've got a very distinct style of Security on lock that's just the right amount of diligence for the people of the station and respect for the antags trying to make it interesting. I've also seen you on the solo Sec shifts a lot and seeing you when riding back on the shuttle to CentCom always makes me feel more at ease not just about the 2 minutes back, but about the entire round.

You have fantastic temperment and do a lot to uplift all players in a round. Looking forward to having you as a HoS! Please use the hat to keep your head warm in absence of hair. :+)
Yeah! For a long while Arthur has been one of my favourite secoff players on the main server. Always chill and fair towards people, always friendly and helpful.
I'm very glad to see this application, can't wait to see Arthur as an actual HoS with a red beret covering his bald head. Wink wink
Big +1
Terrible guy. Stole my name and now he's trying to steal my job. No respect I tell you, no respect!

Arthur knows how to balance playing Security officer and does a thouroughly good job. Glad to see him apply
Carbadox ripoff

Naturally, the best way to reply to ripoffs are a +1 point to the application and 100 shits to commemorate

yes again
+1 from me, Arthur is a solid spessman and good sec officer. Exercises good Fun Discretion™
I have seen you on bombini a couple times and have had good experiences with you as sec for sure. +1
Can definitely recommend Holiday on getting HoS. Great security officer, listens to alerts, deals with folks fairly and doesn't jump the gun.
Arthur Holiday is a great security officer, anything that I wanted to say has already been said by everyone above me, but I'd definitely enjoy seeing them in the red beret!
After recently having Arthur as one of my officers on several shifts on Sylvester (and running into him while i wasn't playing Sec as well), I feel as though Arthur has the skillset and attitude to ably take on the beret. Had good control of situations, great communication, and a great demeanor.


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