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One Who Works Alone (with some stuff about Rena)
Thinktronic BIOS V2.1
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Loading ThinkDOS 0.7.2
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Preparing filesystem...
Authentication required.
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Welcome, Rena Celeste!

Current Folder: root

>cd sav

Current Directory is now SAV

> read medrec together


NAME OF PAITENT: Unknown (see extent of wounds)

DATE OF LOG: 10/3/46


DOCTOR: Sherman Potter



AGE: Late 20's or so

Appearance: Electric Blue Eyes.  Scales looks to be a combination of warship grey and black

NOTES: left side of body peppered with metal fragments, ear canals permanently collapsed from concussive trauma. Seems they were caught in a magazine or engine fuel detonation. Unresponsive and covered in oil or welding fuel.

[0] back



Welcome to Wizwrite!

>open sav log

After some investigation, I have found one of the few comrades of mine to have escaped the battle of terminal. Reminder to me, make sure to see what I can dig up with my new position in NT

Update 7/5/48: Seems she's fine, though goes under the name "One Who Works Alone" now. It's curious, as before she called herself "one that works together". Something must have caused the sudden name change. NT said she left the frontier, but I doubt it from what I read in the file. Going to see if I can find the personnel record next time I manage to get back here.

13/5/48: Got her file yesterday. HoP and the CE didnt even know what I was doing. Hell, I dont understand the code myself, but it worked. Seems she's been rendered deaf from the battle and has been assigned to the NSS Horizon?
What the fuck is going on? NT said I was the only one who was taken into their employ and the only one who could still work. Maybe more of us are out there.

>line 456

8/12/52: Found her after 5 month stint aboard the Manta. She says she met someone who spoke SSL, and said she wants to meet them again. Seems she found a mineral magnet somewhere and is using that to pass the time while doing what ever it is NT set her to the debris field for. Damnit, she didn't deserve any of this, none of them did. 

10/12/52: Did a stint on the Atlas to help with engine troubles, got it done in time to go visit her again as the Atlas was near her. Found the station with the lights out, got worried. No blood, but found her in a corner balled up. She's going crazy from this, being forced to sit out here for no reason other than to watch the years tick by. I'm putting in a request to transfer her to my care or at least be able to spend time with her on some sort of shore leave.

19/12/52: Got approval, going to surprise her with it when space mas comes round. Heading back out with the atlas for the next 7 days though, so I might miss it. It's weird. I feel like she's always been my sibling at this point, though my parents are somewhere and my actual sibling is dead.

1/1/53: Had to go run the manta while some NT big wigs had a pleasure party on it. Works ended up spending Spacemas eve alone, but I managed to get to the station on spacemas morning. We went out of the system via a EXLT I was able to get to and use on a 3rd generation donut class station. It was nice spending time with her. She seems to have enjoyed it, though surprisingly she's very shy now, even though we only encountered some space deer and chickens on our trip. I think she's been in isolation and on that damn station for too long. Most updated service record shows 6 month stints followed by 3 months leave, with her very rarely leaving that station except to sweep drones. I'll see if I can get her transferred to my command. Maybe take her on the atlas or manta next time I have to ship out there.

I think I got a bit easy with my penal contract compared to her effective exile to the debris field...


2/9/53: Transfer was thrown out. I'm stuck with sneaking off to visit her during her lonely vigils. I found her triage record from directly after the battle, going to upload it here to keep it safe and away from NT eyes. Got new orders today though, I'm headed out to Space Station 13 to help out there for about 2 hours before moving to "the project" or whatever they are calling it. I'm worried about Works now, fully convinced that she has some sort of space madness that turned her like that. I remember reading the line "A baby, just a baby". I agree with that line for once. I hope Works can hang in a bit longer. It's time to see if I can get her and me the help we need. 





 Thinktronic BIOS V2.1
Initializing system...
Loading ThinkDOS 0.7.2
Scanning for peripheral cards...
Preparing filesystem...
Authentication required.
Please insert card and "Login."


I'm doing okay up here. Saw a swarm of space bees looking for a new hive. Found some starstone if you want it. Thanks for taking me out, it was nice to talk to someone for more than 3 hours at a time. Or through Viewpoint. The stars are beautiful out here, come visit again when you can. Bring some fresh food if you have it too! Space Station 12 was supposed to resupply me, but it seems the orbit was timed wrong. 

Works Alone

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