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mop#5337 appeal ban
My IRC/Discord Username: mop#5337
Date and time of the ban: 1/4/2021
Who banned me: Adhara
Message given in the kick, if present: none because Discord is great like that
Summary of events leading up to the ban: I had just come off a particularly bad round as Changeling and started talking about how my experience in-game recently had been less than stellar. I also started lashing out at people who tried to respond and said some disrespectful things about the game's community and admin team. Eventually adhara said enough and I, for some reason or another, seemed to take this as a challenge and kept poking the bear. I was then banned due to a history of incidents such as these. I don't fully remember the incident because it was a while ago and my memory is shit
Why I should be unbanned: I first want to apologize to everyone who tries on a daily basis to make this game better. I've said some frankly disgusting things about you and your efforts on top of being far too aggressive towards people in general. I do love this game and community and wish I treated everyone with the respect they deserve. I've been actively working on myself and my behavior to hopefully make my presence on the server more pleasant. I genuinely enjoy being a part of this community and it's changed my life for the better, and I hope I can show my appreciation more in the future.
i want to confirmation that you have a support network you can go to when youre feeling bad so you can talk to friends instead of taking it out on strangers. otherwise, i dont really want to let you back in on solely your word. because that hasnt worked previously. im sorry if its harsh, but. idk. reach out to me on discord (adhara#4566) if you dont want to discuss support systems publically.
alright. ill be lifting this ban. please be on your best behaviour.

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