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[MERGED PR] Fix and disable lawn darts
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About the PR
Fixes lawn darts using a broken sound.
Disables lawn darts for being bad.

Why's this needed?
Lawn darts attempted to use "sound/weapons/slashcut.ogg" which did not exist, changed to "sound/impact_sounds/Flesh_Cut_1.ogg".
Lawn darts cost 4TC for three throwable items that do 20 BRUTE damage each and a minor bleed.
While this does pass through armor and implant in the victim it is very inferior to a Rad Poison Crossbow which costs 1TC less.
We could reduce the cost to 1-2TC but why? Grenade boxes are a better purchase. A rework could find a good new use for them but until then it might be best to retire them.


(*)Retired lawn darts from the traitor buy list.

I'd understand if we hesitated to remove but it's not a good purchase and I don't think reducing to 1TC will result in anyone purchasing them.
But without lawn darts what will appear on the spy bounty list?

Joking aside, what niche were lawn darts ever supposed to fill? They don't really seems to have a purpose aside from obviously attacking people and they're not that amazing at it either.
Should just make them normal darts, shrink them down to be pocket sized, and give you a pocket satchel full of them.

Can you dip them in poisons? That might also be a good buff.
Or just make them a free purchase for traitors!
(02-02-2021, 06:16 PM)Frank_Stein Wrote: Should just make them normal darts, shrink them down to be pocket sized, and give you a pocket satchel full of them.

Can you did them in poisons? That might also be a good buff.

Like a ghetto syringe gun? I guess that could be a reasonable thing but it's a fair bit of work for the clown/staff assistant/bartender who have access to these compared to medical and science traitors who can get some poison bottles.
Make them take out eyes.
(02-03-2021, 03:39 AM)Mouse Wrote: Make them take out eyes.

Or poke out organs
Now when pizza sharpener is a thing, I'd say we could retire lawn darts as we have a better, cooler alternative to them: pizza slices
i genuinely forgot these things existed and have literally never seen anyone use them

if this were a stealth change then i don't think anyone would even notice they were gone tbh
Spies would, they show up with some regularity as bounties (which nobody then redeems)
in that case removing them would be a bonus for spies
Here's a big secret, I made it so we can block certain items from spy recently
I quite like the eye poking and ghetto syringe gun ideas. Eye damage is really appropriate but it's also a very annoying effect and impossible to clear without occuline or a visor.

As a reagent injecting throwable the limitation will be the reagents. Few people have access to poison bottles and if you do it's potentially preferable to sleepy pen or aerosol them, I don't know if there is a lot of value in a staff assistant buying these when there is limited low key access to a chem dispenser.

Prefilling like a sleepy pen could work but not sure, either they would be not that good or pretty strong depending on the chem and dosage.

They could be made more stealthy (no throw message) compared to the hypo/syringe gun but not sure if it would be enough.
As a possible idea, how about increasing the brute damage and making it *pierce* through people? Punch straight through you and into the person behind you, with a decent stun. Maybe it passes through 1 or 2 people before it would lodge inside the final person, doing less brute but lodging the thing inside them.

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