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Emily and FluidHelix; Goon RP Morty, 2/2/21
I'm a little worn down from a lot of rounds today, so I will be brief here: I know FluidHelix got most of the event together on their own, but I wanted to say thank you to both FluidHelix and Emily for a spectacular event round on the RP servers (and a whole host of many other people who were on Morty for the round). Piloting a sort of "station-wide goal" was incredibly exciting and I really look forward to seeing something like that again. I know FluidHelix isn't technically an admin, but I also want to thank whoever gave them a shot at this idea (I assume Emily!); I think both FluidHelix and Emily's work brought a much-needed and really refreshing round of unity to the RP servers that I haven't seen in a while!

I also just wanted to say that even thought I was perhaps a little too laser-focused on the specific ways my job role could play into the narrative, I am incredibly grateful for just the small interactions I got to have with good friends and RPers that I haven't had a chance to interact with much lately. From a kind lavender-haired mime bringing me a water bottle for removing her heterochromia; to sitting in kind of silent and somber awe watching the HoS grow furious when her officer couldn't be cloned; to the passing and frequent waves from my medical doctor in our hurried rush in and out of the pharmacy; to patching up the mechanic who fought a monkey for a screwdriver but proudly proclaimed in the cryo tube that they won it back; to the security officer who grabbed me into the shuttle at the very last second as I tried to drag emergency supplies in to take home; this whole shift was a lot of fun and really rewarding to me to have been a part of. 

Thank you for reminding me of all the stories we can--and will--tell together on Goon RP!  Sleeping bee
I didn't do anything! Fluid Helix ran the gimmick entirely without anyone's help, using only on game means.
(02-02-2021, 07:44 AM)UrsulaMejor Wrote: I didn't do anything! Fluid Helix ran the gimmick entirely without anyone's help, using only on game means.

I wasn't sure how the print-out at the beginning had happened but I'm very thankful that you were simply online for it all too! I had a blast :>

Super cheers to Fluid for getting the print-outs done so early into the round! I thought they were like replaced versions of the usual print-out or something!
You can do fake printouts with Dwaine a printer and some other stuff.

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