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Share your emotional RP server stories here!
We all participate in some really good stories every now and again, so I made this thread for sharing them!
(01-31-2021, 11:43 PM)fluidhelix Wrote: We all participate in some really good stories every now and again, so I made this thread for sharing them!

Well I had some hilariously awful luck last night...
I'm not that robust on a good day; it's why I've mostly avoided Goon servers till recently when I found out you now have Roleplay, and my Internet has been rather shite recently so lag plagues me in ANYTHING multiplayer.
After having watched Tex's latest Spaceman escapades on Youtube, I got nostalgic for 2d space and decided to try out Morty, since Roleplay is generally mellower and you have less of a chance of being deaded by someone's shenanigans'.
Unfortunately, I forgot that it's only LESS of a chance, and Goons especially will do stupid shit for the sake of stupid shit...

So, I've been easing back in, putzing around mostly as a Pod Pilot so as to not accidentally the Station while shaking off my Spessrust.
Eventually, I got confidant enough to start as a miner, and after a somewhat uneventful round getting the hang of Goonmining thanks to the help of a more experienced miner named Hank, I had some comedically bad luck come the next shift.
To start off, for some reason Hank decides to go full Leeroy Jinkins.
We're only a few 'roids in before he's magneting in a Rock full of EREBITE!
Again, the only upgrade we've gotten are Larger Ore Satchels at this point, and I try to point out it's PROBABLY not a good idea to mine a 'roid filled with highly radioactive ore.
Hank does it anyways while I'm fitzing next to the Rockbox and the Material Processor with the remnants of my last haul, half killing himself on the first go from the radiation poisoning alone.
...So of course he tries to finish the 'roid with a second pass, and actually manages to get another load of Erebite ore to the Box...
...Where it explodes during loading, somehow not outright killing Hank and taking my right arm off since I'm next to ground zero.
Other than being down an arm I'm in decent shape, so I hobble over to Medbay while the AI, who was also apparently subverted by the Syndicates, is generally killing everyone via hazards.
Since I'm not one of the ones dying, I have a longesh wait complaining to any who'd hear about how much it sucks to mine with only one arm, but eventually get a Cyborg Replacement.

As this is now about an hour into the shift, my Spessman is rather dehydrated, hungry, and grimy, so I decide I'll swing by the Civilian section for a Shower, a LOT of water, and to try and find something to eat.
Shower goes easy enough and thankfully the Water Cooler in the Gym still has it's bottle, but after eating the only piece of cake left out at the bar, I figured it'd be better to actually buy some sustenance from a Vending Machine since Goons gonna Goon and any player created foodstuffs are probably stuff to the gills with drugs.
...Until I spot some Bananas left out in the Arcade, forget that GOONS ARE GONNA GOON!
The Bananas are boobytraps, tasting awful and creating a fiery explosion in my gut that puts me into Crit just as a Radiation Storm is about to hit the Station.
Thankfully the Janitor hauls my mostly dead ass into Maintenance, then bridal carries me back to Medbay to be resuscitated.
Still, I'm now practically collapsing from Hunger, so I get a Hungry Dan's TV Dinner and a set of plastic silverware outside of Cargonia.
While the package of plastic cutlery doesn't explode on me this time, the fork does snap immediately...
I try to head over to Cargo from the pod bay I've set up my meal in to either buy another crappy plastic fork or maybe just fabricate a REAL one, but a lag spike sees me accidentally tumbling into Belt Hell.
This wasn't that bad as I was still in full Mining kit, so I turned on my O2 and waited, stopping at some clog in the mailing system...
...Only to try another belt that fed me right into a Gibber.
And thus ends my story!
One of my early moments, that I will remember for an extremely long time, is the round where collaborative roleplay between 3 people reduced 3 people to bawling both in game and IRL.

Dramatis Personae:
The Miner - Fleur DeLaCreme
The Doctor - Raphael Zahel (Oh hai, that's me)
The Medical Director - Rico Geravo

Playing Doctor, and I get a Crisis Alert from Fleur, mining in the Trench on Oshan - by this point with a solid month or two of RP under our belts, Raph and Fleur are pretty solidly friends. (This makes for amazing heightened drama when one of them turns out to be a syndicate agent!)

Raph, of course, gets on the radio, yelling out for the miners to report in, and her co-miner rapidly finds her body and brings her back to the station for cloning.

Dick Detroit [145.9] says, "Bring me their corpse for disposal."
Raphael Zahel [145.9] says, "No, bring her fucking corpse to be CLONED."
Raphael Zahel says, "No, bring her fucking corpse to be CLONED."
Rico Geravo [145.9] says, "Give the corpse to the Chaplain and I will butcher you."

Some amount of radio interplay with the chaplain happens, and luckily, no one ends up getting murdered. Fleur's corpse is brought to the cloner in a timely manner, and decay hasn't even set in yet. A scan occurs, and then, cloning begins.

And then fails. For anyone who doesn't know, back in the day, cloning used to go scan - start cloning - body starts building, ETA 2-3 minutes from start until you are cloned, as opposed to a pre-prepped body like current cloner code. In this timeframe, where you are embodied, but not yet done, you could commit suicide. This popped you out of the cloner, horrifcally messed up, and you would violently gib in about 1-2 minutes. Great drama, super messy, but, well. Fleur commited suicide in the cloner.

Raphael Zahel says, "FUCK that body isn't stable"
Raphael Zahel [135.6] says, "GET A BORG READY"
Raphael Zahel says, "Cloner fucked her"
Rico Geravo says, "Shit."
Raphael Zahel says, "We gotta go to borging"

Cue one extremely frantic, stressed out doctor shouting at the MDir to open robotics, and a very rapid, very urgent brain removal.

Fleur DeLaCreme seizes up and falls limp, her eyes dead and lifeless...
Fleur DeLaCreme starts convulsing violently!
Rico Geravo has been hit by Fleur DeLaCreme's left leg.
Ferik Jurgen has been hit by the human's left kidney.

Brain removed, with barely a second to spare before her body violently gibbed across the Robotics bay. At this point, the chef walks up, and asks the fairly obviously traumatized doctors if he can have her body parts for cooking.

Greg Richmond says, "I just need some body parts"
Raphael Zahel says, "FUCK OFF"
Ferik Jurgen points Riot Shotgun at Greg Richmond!x14

A rapid assembly of a cyborg frame is done by Rico, with Raph helping out where he can - primarily running parts. Rico also had an Ecto Eye, for some reason, and thus was literally seeing Fleur's ghost the entire time the assembly was happening. This was... probably not helpful to his pysche. The borg is completed, brain installed, and then activated.

Raphael Zahel says, "Hey, uh."

Rico Geravo says, "Welcome back, Fleur."

The cleanbot begins to clean the steel floor.

Raphael Zahel asks, "Fleur?"
Rico Geravo says, "Her ghost is gone."
Rico Geravo says, "I don't see it anymore."
Cyborg Psi-77 queries, "What... is this?"
Rico Geravo says, "You're uh... a robot."
Raphael Zahel says, "You.. died. And the cloner rejected."

Rico, Raph, and to a lesser extent Ferik, attempted to help Fleur understand what had happened to her - while also pointedly ignoring the group of botanists and scientists repeatedly hotboxing themselves to death in the medbay lobby. Ah, goonstation. A great idea was had - stable mutagen cloning - then discarded, as no blood sample had been taken.

A long conversation, regarding the fact that the entity currently known as Psi-77 did not have full continuity of memory, and thus, did not feel like they should continue to use the name of Fleur.

Cyborg Psi-77 states, "You could not save Fleur."
Raphael Zahel says, "You desevee better that Psi-77, my... dear friend."
Cyborg Psi-77 states, "But you could save me."
Cyborg Psi-77 states, "I am... not Fleur."
Cyborg Psi-77 states, "But... I remember."
Raphael Zahel says, "In many ways.. you are the alterered continuance."
Cyborg Psi-77 states, "I believe that you did everything you could."
Cyborg Psi-77 states, "I do not... know how to be... this."
Raphael Zahel says, "You are... you were my friend Fleur. You are... something different, now, I think. But still my friend."
Cyborg Psi-77 states, "I want to say that I feel... something. But I cannot."
Rico Geravo says, "Fleur."
Rico Geravo asks, "Do you... want to return to a human body?"
The ground rumbles softly.
Cyborg Psi-77 states, "Everything is... is."
Cyborg Psi-77 queries, "What body?"
Rico Geravo says, "Human."
Rico Geravo says, "I can make it happen."
Cyborg Psi-77 states, "I can identify the pieces around this room as Fleur."
Cyborg Psi-77 states, "They cannot be salvaged."
Rico Geravo says, "You won't be the same person you were before."
Rico Geravo says, "But you'll be human."
Rico Geravo says, "Alive."
Cyborg Psi-77 states, "Another body would also die."
Rico Geravo says, "All bodies die, Fleur."
Cyborg Psi-77 states, "The body could not survive the trench."
Cyborg Psi-77 states, "Something was altered."

Cyborg Psi-77 states, "Fleur is dead."
Cyborg Psi-77 states, "But... I am alive."

Remembering a conversation Raph and Fleur had had a while back, Raph ended up naming the new borg Florence, after the nurse. Floral scrubs were also provided, for, well, obvious name-related reasons. A brief discussion regarding how to be a borg, and what that meant with regards to what being human, versus a part of humanity ensued, followed by Raph attempting to teach the new borg how to... be a borg.

Florence states, "It is strange."
Florence states, "Clarity, and then chaos."
Florence states, "And then clarity."
Raphael Zahel says, "That's the way through, really."
Raphael Zahel says, "Clarity, and chaos."
Florence states, "Teach me to help humans."
Florence states, "I will figure out what I am in time."

Medical Director's Office Announcement by Rico Geravo (Medical Director)

Some days I wonder if we're doing the right thing by cheating death. If we aren't making things worse by dragging peaceful souls away from the afterlife. Sometimes I wonder... what remains of a person after death? Do they come back the same... or does something... change?

At this point, Raph and Florence ended up basically breaking into Rico's office, where he'd retired to get savagely, blazingly drunk after seeing a dear friend die, having to assist in functionally butchering her corpse, and then being spattered with the gore of her corpse.

I was not privy to the conversation that occured beween Florence and Rico, but at the end of it, Rico came out of the office, in liver failure. One extremely sloppy and rough surgery later, a new liver was installed.

Raphael Zahel says, "Hey, Director."
Raphael Zahel says, "We ain't fuckin done with you yet."
Raphael Zahel says, "You got SHIT TO DO"
Rico Geravo stammers, "I''vve haadddd wwwoorrrrssee hhaaannggooovveerrss,, bbeelieevvee itt oorr nnootttt.."
Florence states, "Consider yourself slapped again."
Raphael Zahel says, "And we ain't letting you fucking die yet."
Rico Geravo stammers, "RRRighhttt.. Noo mmooorrrree cchhhheeeaapp wwhhhiissskkyyy...."

The shuttle arrived at this point, and Florence ran into her former colleague.
Lucas Koepple says, "I... am ashamed I wasn't able to get them back soon enough for a clone."
Raphael Zahel says, "You did, Lucas."
Raphael Zahel says, "It's because of you that we got Florence out of this."
Lucas Koepple says, "I'm glad that some part boss lives on."
Florence states, "You saved me, Lucas. Thank you."

In the afteraction, we found out that there wasn't a dry eye in medbay. There was a lot of shit happening in that round, but honestly, I missed out on all of it, for a nearly hour long series of interactions regarding morality, mortality, and what the self is in a post human world. I think that's pretty beautiful, personally.
I was playing as a latejoin borg today on the main RP server, and the first thing i did was request some upgrades. The roboticist kindly helped me with such upgrades like heavy arms and treads. but my last request was a monitor head. The roboticist did the work, and as my brain popped out, I realized I would be out for the rest of the round.

PinkPuffBall81: (LOOC) "Oh shit, i was a latejoin, so i can't get into the body again."

PinkPuffBall81: (LOOC) "I think i might be perma-dead now. rip."

We had a small conversation over LOOC and tried to fix the issue, but it was clear there WAS no solution. they ended up having a funeral for my brainless borg body (i may or may not have cried), and some lizardman whos legal name was "NAUGHTY NO GOOD NAUGHTY" (NAUGHTY NAUGHTY for short, yes. all caps.) Stood up on the pews, and dabbed. I can't tell if it was meant to be disrespectful but i appreciated it nonetheless.

sad greater domestic space-bee
I latejoined as a critter, a roach specifically. I did my roach things and being a general nuisance, you know... roach stuff.
Shuttle comes, as usual, there's more traffic than Tokyo in rush hour but since I'm a roach I get in fine.

Remember that I can be killed when the shuttle launches cause brute damage and my health pool is tiny, start to look for a way to not get thrown about.
Roachman miner spots me, calls to me, and picks me up, saying he will protect me from the launch.

Sadly... it did not work, as the shuttle launches I am thrown from his arms and die immediately, the roachman is overcome with grief of his fallen brother, and despite his fellow miners attempt at prevention, throws himself off the shuttle.

RIP roach miner, you only wanted to save your fellow roach.

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