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Efrem, Lyra and Avriv, The Real DMs.
very recently, i experienced a round on Goonstation RP.

Expecting to play a little rancher and just raise some chickens all game, i was instead spawned into the game as a wizard! Apparently, one of the admins (Avriv, i think) had forgotten to turn Antagonists back off. Luckily, they were kind enough to allow the wizards to continue existing.

I decided to run a dungeons and dragons gimmick, which the other two wizards and a huge chunk of the station eventually joined or got roped into. it ended in a long, turn-based combat fight, throughout which Efrem(?) continued to play banger after banger of a song on the admin music. it was thoroughly entertaining and ended with a bang.

later, after that fight, Lyra spawned in as some kind of goose/dragon hybrid on the shuttle, and coordinated with me to arrange an awesome final boss fight on the bridge. it was an extremely entertaining overall round, and i'd like to personally thank all the admins involved!

Sorry if i got any of the names/people wrong. and thanks to any other admins i might not have noticed/got mixed up.
Yeah the whole wizard mode happening was my fault, because I'm a doofus and changed the server's game mode to the wrong thing. But it turned out swell! Your gimmick was great, and I was super-pleased to see so many of the crew (including your two Space Wizard Federation compatriots) participate in your dice-rolling. I'm really glad you had fun!
This round was SO GOOD, Thanks to Virva Efrem and Lyra for making it super memorable!

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